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Can some one help me...

|Includes:Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc (HEB)


Someone please post this on the yahoo HEB stock site message board. Yahoo shut me out for sending ligitimate comments related to Adam F of the related to possible stock manipulation, but I have a feeling that the crooks at The had something to do with demanding yahoo to filter my posts. Thank you for repodting it for me!
For those of you who read the yahoo post claiming that HEB does not even have a manufacturing staff,  I invite you to view the HEB company profile on Manta..
There are 38 people in the NJ facility alone.  Just 5 years ago I retired from a position with a worldwide manufacturing company organization which attained Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award  and ISO status with full utilization of GMP and MRP 1 & 2 production methods.  My staff was half of what is listed as the manufacturing employees that HEB has in the NJ location and we were able to support orders received from company in the USA, Asia, Europe, South America and Canada. For those of you who don't know the mechanical process of fill and seal machines, the typical machines used are Circle Line Form fill and Seal caddy stations capable of over 40,000 units per hour output. The manpower requirement for each shift per machine is 2 units with a staff mechanic covering the floor as needed. With that said HEB has ample staffing for a full 3 shift schedule. The balance would be supervisory management, quality control and second tier management. For those of you who do not have a manufacturing background, the Baldrige Award is one of the highest honors a manufacturing company can receive. Thank you…Vinthetoolm...
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