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I have been uncharacteristically silent for the last month. Why? I have been in the Seeking Alpha penalty box. I guess I must have unwittingly cross-checked the wrong person; may I was caught high-sticking also. I was banned from posting and charged with:

1) Using religious metaphors, mystical and eschatalogical reasoning; 2) being long-winded -- to the point of discouraging other posters; 3) being 'dominating'.

I'm not really sure what that last item means. I pled guilty to the first two charges, not knowing the first was 'against the law'.

I have been reinstated -- as long as I agree to the following:

We have decided to give you another chance and will therefore remove your account from Read Only status. A review of your comments showed a mixture of focused contributions on the one hand, along with material which dragged discussion off-topic and brought extraneous religious material into the conversation, which is inappropriate on Seeking Alpha.

If you would be willing to refrain from posting religious material and references to eschatology and mysticism we will keep your account in moderation for a probationary period before making a final decision.

We hope you continue to enjoy Seeking Alpha.

I remember reading that the communists offered Solzenitsyn a seat on the General Committee if only he would lead discussions in the merits of seasonal use of brandy as a healthy counter-force to coffee and tea.

So, I have decided to move my controversial posts to another site:

I hope to still participate with Seeking Alpha as a commentor but I think my main blog creation work will no longer fit on this site.

Also, many readers have asked about the CGTS Newsletter. I am preparing to begin publishing again. I will offer everyone a free one-month subscription. Thereafter, monthly subscriptions will be $30 per month -- less expansive than a daily cup of coffee. Of course, I will provided daily trading signals in the newsletter.

Please check out my new blog.

I appreciate all you guys. I hope you are all healthy and happy during the madness that is here now and during the more madness that is coming. Friends and family are really all that matters.

Best for a prosperous new year full of new discoveries and new joys.

My white-listing (white-balling) is symbolic of a new rising intolerance of the Rationalists who run the world for the negative-thinking they think is keeping the economy from recovering. My new blog talks about this.

The Seven Stages of dying -- and the Deflation of the Economy is a symbolic ego death -- begins in denial and then quickly passes into anger during which time scapegoats are sought. Be prepared for this. Critical thinking might soon become dangerous to your health.

Michael J. Clark