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I am an admirer of Tyler Durden and ZERO HEDGE. This is a webpage I can turn to in order to get an angle of the truth I often don't get elsewhere.

On Saturday (Asian Time), I read the following post on ZH that made me stop and wonder: what's going on.

In the article, which references a newspaper report from 1938, in Herbert Hoover is warning Americans of the dangers of creeping fascism through the policies and administration of Franklin Roosevelt. ZH seemed to embrace this warning; and the implication is that America is becoming or is in danger of becoming more fascist because of the Obama Administration.

I'm actually not disagreeing with this view. America has become more fascist during the last decade. (Franklin Roosevelt was never fascist however. Herbert Hoover was more fascist than Franklin Roosevelt. So I am disagreeing with that part of the story.)

I'm having trouble with the word 'fascist' I guess. America is losing its freedoms. The Obama Administration is autocratic and is paranoid and is in danger of crushing American values in its pursuit of American military and financial world control.

I was born and raised in a world where the word 'fascist' was the polar opposite of the world 'communist'. Both the fascist and the communist despised democracies (democracy was 'weak and decadent' to the fascist, and was 'imperialistic and materialistic and exploitative' to the communist). One could never confuse the two systems: the fascists favored the rule of the rich, favored military aggression, hated communists, and were the captains of capitalism; communists hated the rule of the rich, that is, capitalism.

Today's confusion of Communism with Fascism seems to come from a failure to grasp how history works on the political level. Communism and fascism are not the same. They are opposites, adversaries. Communism as a system attempts to empower the poor; Fascism as a system attempts to empower the rich. Fascism, generally speaking, is religious, and fiercely nationalistic. Communism, generally speaking, is intellectual and anti-religious, and a proponent of internationalism.

Communists and Fascists are mortal enemies. We remember the street battles in Germany (and in Greece and in France, and in Italy and in Spain) in the 1930's as Hitler led his fascist followers in brutal street battles against the German communists. World War II was a world war pitting Communists against Fascists. Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan sided with the fascist spirit. Russia, England, America, Canada, and Australia fought, essentially, on the side of the communists. The democracies sometimes change sides in this unending battle for world domination. They are usually on the side of the Fascists -- but not always.

This tells us much about the mechanism of world change I am proposing here. Democracies are the middle-principle, capable of supporting either Fascism or Communism, depending on the circumstances. Democracies are the middle principle because democracies only really develop in societies with a strong middle class; and where economic stability engenders a strong middle class.

The Middle Class is the force of creation in this mechanism story. The Middle Class creates fascism when the majority of the middle class throw their support to the policies of the rich and powerful. These values are presented favorably as freedom, development, progress, evolution, independence, self-determination, competition. When the middle class identifies with these values, it supports the Fascist Principle, which in religious literature is almost always the Father Archetype, the Sun, the Active Principle.

Economic growth, optimism, reproduction, generation, expansion, and ultimately financial and political empire come from the middle class identifying with these Active, Patriarchal Principles. Societies evolve when the middle class identifies with its own capacity to grow, to become rich, to be fruitful and multiply.

But then this expansion ends, as it always does periodically (in fact, every 36 years). This happened in 2001 -- and became undeniable in 2008-9 when the global economy crashed. This happened also in 1965; and in 1929. It happens every 36 years. The Father in Heaven leaves, disappears, dies, turns inward. Entropy sets in.

When this Entropy Principle happens the Middle Class (the Middle Principle, the Creative Principle) and its aspirations for the future stop expanding and begin to weaken. We remember that a strong Middle Class, in fact, acts in democracies as a buffer keeping the Fascists from becoming too strong or too weak, and keeping the poor, the Communists, also from becoming too strong or too weak. The strong Middle Class also keeps the Fascists and the Communists from killing each other; and from allowing political passions to sweep the society into civil war again and again, which leads inevitably for the triumph of one side over the other and long periods of death and tyranny in that society.

In 1983, the middle class in America abandoned the spirit of Communism and embraced the values of the Father again, the Patriarchy, Reagan, freedom, strength, wealth, reproduction, power. This was a beginning of an 18 year expansion that lasted until 2001.

We have said the Fascists identified with the positive values of freedom, development, progress, evolution, independence, self-determination, competition. The Communists also identified and do identify with positive values: equality, fairness, justice, peace, cooperation, decent treatment of diverse populations.

In America in the 1960s and 1970s the Middle Class swung their political allegiance away from the 'corrupt' Father Principle, the Patriarchy, toward the weak and the poor. This began with a growing sense of injustice of American treatment of the less fortunate classes and races, and then even led to anger over the injustice of an American war against a much weaker and racially and culturally different enemy in southeast Asia, Vietnam. Then came feminist rebellions; and then the ecology movement was born, which is the protection of the earth from mindless, short-sighted exploitation.

When the Middle Class identifies with these more Matriarchal values -- equality, fairness, justice, peace, cooperation, diversity, Nature -- it supports the Communist Principle, which in religious literature is almost always considered the Mother Archetype, the Moon, the Passive Principle, Nature.

What makes the consciousness of the Middle Class change so drastically, so dramatically, as economic expansion ends and becomes economic and political contraction. Well, just that, in fact. The dream of becoming rich, powerful, successful, famous -- the Ego Dream of Self-Actualization -- and the always hopeful, ever-expanding, always-growing-and-progressing-life -- begins to recede from view. The vision of the glowing future loses light; and the vision of the dark past begins to be illuminated. Shadows begin to expand, doubts, handicaps become more powerful, resistances are met, difficulties become more tangible. Energy, which has been indomitable during the expansion of the Ego-Quest (the conquest of space as empire) begins to scatter. Entropy sets in. Disorganization begins to supplant organization.

As the Middle Class begins to see that their future is, in fact, more likely with the poor, in the lower class, than it is with the rich in the upper class, the middle class splinters. The Middle Class ceases to be the buffer between the two warring classes that despise each other; the Middle Class begins to splinter into one or other of these two political classes. Political clout then begins to swing to what I'm calling the Communists, the Mother Principle, the Moon, the Poor.

Many poor and newly-poor people will join the Fascist Movement, depending upon their ideological grounding. Both movements are made up of rich and poor. But the sudden or not-so-sudden disappearance of the Middle-Class comfort-buffer changes the nature of the political dialog to something more forceful and polarized, and sometimes to all-out street battles. There are three voices when the Middle Class is expanding. But there are only two voices when the Middle Class vanishes.

In truth, the Fascists are the Body Power and the Communists are the Mind Power -- and the death of the economic expansion comes as a psychic death experience of the body. When the Middle Class (the majority of the Middle Class) join the body during the nascent expansion (1911, 1947, 1983...) (seeking body pleasures), the Fascists win; when the majority of the Middle Class joins the side of the Mind Power (seeking mental pleasures), the Communists win.

This is a bit misleading. I don't mean to suggest that the Fascists are not mental, intellectual: they are. But the Fascists' strength is in the body-mind, the concrete, practical, scientific mind, the mind that is obsessed with the life of the body, wants more pleasure, more money, more health, a longer-life, more physical activity, more sexual pleasure, more houses, more boats, more children, more quantities of things: 'bottom line thinking'. The measurement of objective things.

The 'Communistic mind' is more abstract: more communal, more tribal, less individualistic, less practical. And it is more concerned with the quality than quantity. It is more artistic, more poetic, less concerned with the conquest of Space; more concerned with Time.

In 1983, America's Middle Class, after 18 years of decline of physical energy, wealth, and power, and Communist attachments (1965 was high noon in this Patriarchal Cycle, which means it was the apex of power for the Fascists and their Body Experience) swung back to the Republican Fascist Father power imagery. Ronald Reagan became the symbol of this rebirth.

Thus began an 18 year ascent into physical power, during which time the Body-Energy again came to life. Hindus call this reincarnation; Christians call it resurrection. Energy, directed inward from 1965-1983 (remember, inward-directed energy causes the outer-world to collapse, deconstruct), changed direction and turned outward again.

Outward-directed energy is the building of the Body World. In 2001, when the energy changed direction inward again, the outer world began to fall apart, as it does every 36 years.

The Fascists' Body Power culminated in 2001. The Old Testament calls this 18 years of anti-entropy the Tree of Life. The Old Testament calls the 18 years of entropy the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Part of the reason for this is that the Unity experienced as the Patriarchal Tree of Life in the National Expansion of the Body Experience becomes divided, polarized, as the Tree of Knowledge of Duality as the Patriarchy (unity) gives way to the Matriarchy (diversity) -- and the Communist force becomes energized thus.

Some write that the Communists generate the idea of the class war; this is somewhat misleading. The Fascists forge a seeming Unity based on the use of force in repressing the dissident, diverse voices during the expansion. In fact, the Fascist Fathers drive out the voice of diversity, maintaining unity through political intimidation and the silencing of opposition. This is what Fascism is. It is a marriage of the Fascist Father and Communist Mother, with the Father on top and the Mother below and submissive, giving birth to children. "Class warfare" as an image of political defensiveness usually appears only when the Fascist Fathers begin to lose the class war.

But Nature balances everything, over time. The financial empire breaks. The Father loses his power to make money, his power to energize the body. The Son, whom we have talked about earlier under the moniker of Democracy, the Son turns against his Father and embraces his Mother, the poor, the politically weak, the 99%, the dark background matter of astrophysics: the mass.

The Father's city-building begins to break apart; the housing bubble that was the last attempt to continue the reign of the Father, intended to continue to expand the greatness of the city, pops. The economy falters. And Nature comes back into view. A 'return to Nature' is a sign of the triumph of Mother Communism and a faltering of the Father Fascist.

In the 1960's, the Son chose the Mother, turned his back on the 1950's and early 1960's Fascist Father, the Wealth-builder, conservative urban empire-creator. The murder of John Kennedy is a symbol of the repressive Fascist Father unwilling to share power with the Communist Mother. In fact, the murder of both Kennedys and Martin Luther King are symbolic of this, as is the burning of American cities in race riots that began right on time, 1965.

The Son, in this era, the Middle Principle, the Soul, led movements of racial equality, opposed a racist war of empire in Vietnam, created movements to save the environment (Nature) from insane poisoning and destruction for the sake of money, for more and more comfort, more Body-Experience.

From 1965-1983, the Communists won: peace, gender equality, racial equality, purity of the environment, sharing of wealth, love, music, being, were the drivers of a new ethic.

Neither side, the Fascist Fathers nor the Communist Mothers, is supposed to win. The Middle Principle determines how long these periods of outer expansion followed by inner expansion last. I mis-state that. The Middle Principle changes sides, so that the periods of expansion and contraction (physical expansion is spiritual contraction; spiritual expansion is physical contraction) are balanced and continue. The Middle Principle is the Time Keeper. The laws of nature have already determined how long expansions of matter and expansions of spirit last.

Nearly everyone you know is on one side or the other. Nearly everyone you know will react violently to any suggestion that the Fascist Fathers and the Communist Mothers are really partners, and only appear to be hated opposites. In truth, they are working together, each doing what they do well, bringing about the seasons of human habitation of spiritual seasons. Their opposition is an illusion.

The Fathers, the Capitalists, the Empiricists, the Concrete Mind: these are the Winter-to-Summer Solar champions. The Mothers, the Communists, the Poets, the Abstract Mind: these are the Summer-to-Winter Lunar champions. The Fascist Fathers are the Communist Mothers turned upside-down and inside-out. The world each sees is diametrically opposed: but the world each sees is the true world of their perception as such: the Fascist Fathers look at Summer's Material World; and the Communist Mothers look at Winter's Anti-Material World.

As long as the Middle Principle, the Middle Class, is not lost, then that society is alive. If the Middle Principle is lost, and the society breaks down into Fascist Fathers against Communist Mothers, as is happening in Ukraine now, and less dramatically in many countries in Europe and even in America, in Arabia, Thailand, Venezuela, then LIFE is lost. Then comes the Tree of Death, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Civil war.

Policies that are being pursued by central banks to preserve the Fascist Old World, the world created from 1983-2001, are dividing the world more resolutely into classes of Rich and Poor. The central banks are trying to preserve the power of the Fascist Fathers. But dividing the population on the basis of wealth is certain to bring about the triumph of the Mother Principle, whether it is expressed in Marxist-Communist doctrine, as it was in 1965-1983, or in another set of clothes, Religious Extremism perhaps.

Nature intends that Fascist Fathers separate Nature into a hierarchy of values, high and low, rich and poor, light and dark, north and south. But this world ends with the change of tide that empowers the Mother Principle (...1929, 1965, 2001....) at which time the gap separating the high and the low is to be subtracted again. Prices are to fall. Interest rate policy is to shift back to making debt (the engine of capitalism and the Fascist Fathers and their beloved Entrepreneur/Speculator World-Conqueror Spirit) more expensive, less attractive, toward supporting saving over spending, cash over debt, and the collective over the individual.

Everything in its season: 18 years of Fascist Father growth, expansion, city-building, military expansion, financial speculation, always followed by 18 years of Communist Mother yearning for equality, love, Nature-protection, non-military diplomacy, and financial conservation and justice. Sustainability is an issue with and displays the nature of the Communist Mother. Inequality if the basis of Capitalism and the Fascist Father wants the 'no guts no glory' experience.

"Honor the father and honor the mother" the Jews write in the Old Testament. This is an esoteric wisdom, as well as a practical injunction.

Both the Fascist Father and the Communist Mother can be tyrannical and overbearing. Both are prone to favoring police states; and personal discipline. Both serve gods who are demanding and one-sided, even control-freaks. Both are willing to fight for their ideals.

The Fascist Father governs the Day; the Communist Mother governs the Night. The Fascist Father in America grew in strength during this past cycle from 1983-2001; the Communist Mother in America is growing in strength during this current cycle from 2001-2019.

The duality, the opposition, the anger, the political antagonism between Capitalism and Communism, between Fascism and Communism, is an illusion, based on our limited perception, our inability to view reality outside of time. We are trapped in time and the perception that that specifi time gives us. If we stand outside of time, we see all times on the wheel of life have unique perceptions of reality; and the sum of these perceptions is the real truth.

Capitalism is summer; Communism is winter. Winter cannot perceive the world it is seeing as summer. But people's perception do change. One whose perception at 21 was communist and cold and wintery can, as he grows, change his perception gradually, and enter the summer world, where everything grows and is easy and warm. Nations are the same. Neighbors are the same. The wheel remakes us by changing our truths by changing what we are seeing.

So, which is America, which is the Obama Administration? Well, all socieities are both Fascist and Communist. The two principles exist together always and struggle to fight for power and to balance one another.

The Democratic Party is traditionally the Communist party in America and the Republican Party is traditionally the Fascist party. But things have been changing in America. Since overthrowing Hitler in 1945, America has supported fascist dictatorships all over the world. America's opposition to Communism is legendary -- its repression of the Female Mother Principle everywhere but in America is the tradition.

I have no problem with the labeling of the Obama Administration as Fascist. I think we are the Fascist Force in much of the world today; clearly we are supporting Fascist Spirit in the Ukraine. My argument is that Fascists cannot be Communists at the same time.

We cannot call Obama (or FDR) a Fascist AND a Communist. This is too much. At least it contradicts my understanding of how the world works. Fascists are one pole; Communists are the opposite pole. And as they are drawn closer and closer together, perhaps as they are confused with one another, as the Fascists become more socialistic, and as the Communists become more capitalistic, and as the Middle Class buffer seprating them vanishes, this is the Abyss, Armageddom; that is the end of the world as we know it.

I am reminded that Queen Elizabeth, in 1983, the last Time-apex of Mother Communism's eastern expansion, actually wrote and rehearsed a speech announcing to her subjects in the United Kingdom that World War III had begun and the forces of Western Capitalism (presumably a war to be fought along with American allies) were at war with Russia and the Communist East.

Here is what Queen Elizabeth wrote and almost announced to UK and world audiences:

(click to enlarge)Click to enlarge

Queen's speech: The remarkable script was drawn up by officials as part of a Whitehall war-gaming exercise (Picture: PA)

'When I spoke to you less than three months ago we were all enjoying the warmth and fellowship of a family Christmas. Our thoughts were concentrated on the strong links that bind each generation to the ones that came before and those that will follow. The horrors of war could not have seemed more remote as my family and I shared our Christmas joy with the growing family of the Commonwealth.

'Now this madness of war is once more spreading through the world and our brave country must again prepare itself to survive against great odds.

'I have never forgotten the sorrow and the pride I felt as my sister and I huddled around the nursery wireless set listening to my father's inspiring words on that fateful day in 1939. Not for a single moment did I imagine that this solemn and awful duty would one day fall to me.

'We all know that the dangers facing us today are greater by far than at any time in our long history. The enemy is not the soldier with his rifle nor even the airman prowling the skies above our cities and towns but the deadly power of abused technology.

'But whatever terrors lie in wait for us all the qualities that have helped to keep our freedom intact twice already during this sad century will once more be our strength.

'My husband and I share with families up and down the land the fear we feel for sons and daughters, husbands and brothers who have left our side to serve their country. My beloved son Andrew is at this moment in action with his unit and we pray continually for his safety and for the safety of all servicemen and women at home and overseas.

'It is this close bond of family life that must be our greatest defence against the unknown. If families remain united and resolute, giving shelter to those living alone and unprotected, our country's will to survive cannot be broken.

'My message to you therefore is simple. Help those who cannot help themselves, give comfort to the lonely and the homeless and let your family become the focus of hope and life to those who need it.

'As we strive together to fight off the new evil let us pray for our country and men of goodwill wherever they may be.

'God Bless you all.'

This shows how close we were to World War III in 1983, at the end of the 1965-1983 Night-Cycle.

During the Day-Cycle the white pieces have power on the chessboard; and during the Night-Cycle, the black pieces have power on the chessboard. We are in another Night-Cycle through 2019. The East will continue to gain power until 2019; and the West will continue to lose power.

There is clearly no guarantee that this time, in 2019, we will not choose to start the fire that won't easily go out, a fire we almost started in 1983, at the end of that last expansion of Mother Communism power.

History is utterly rational, if we learn to read it as a whole, and no longer read it as a series of barely related facts describing only the half of the world we want or are able to see.

Best to all.

Michael J. Clark, CGTS

Hanoi, Vietnam 5/2/2014