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My view is that the 2 political systems at the Poles are Fascism and Socialism/Communism. Fascism is rule by the Patriarchy; Socialism is rule by the Matriarchy. These two forms of tyranny can be viewed metaphorically as the Fascist Fathers and the Matriarchal Socialist Mothers. Each side of the brain, essentially, is struggling for power in the world; and each gets their own seasons to rule, relatively speaking.

In between Fascism (the rule of the Right-Wing) and Socialism/Communist (the rule of the Left-Wing) is Democracy. Democracy is the best system of government in the world because it consciously attempts to balance these two tyrannies, lets both sides in, let's both sides participate in the process. Democracies find the two forces of power agreeing to share power. The Fascist rule connects to orthodox religion, capitalism, nationalism, individualism, competition for survival. The Socialist/Communist (Communism is a form of Socialism) connects to anti-religion (or to the religion of the Son, Jesus Christ, vs. the Patriarchal Father Religion, the Old Testament), economic socialism, internationalism, and cooperation for survival.

Many people on this site argue that capitalism is the best system. However, capitalism without democracy is a lousy system, with the rich 1% owning everything and ruling everyone (oligarchies in South America and Africa are a good picture of this). Communism without democracy also does not work.

It is not capitalism that made and makes America great, it is democracy. Democracy also makes Sweden great, and Germany, and the UK. Democracy is the key, not the economic system. Every great country is a balanced mixture of Fascism/Capitalism and Socialism -- a democracy is the means by which the volatile, nation-destroying deadly enemies are kept in balance.

The key to the survival of Democracy is a healthy, large middle class. The middle class identifies with the Fascist Fathers when the economy needs to bloom and when material evolution proceeds (what I call Day-Cycles; what some economists call the 'business cycle'; what a farmer would call the 'growth cycle'); the middle class shifts alliances to the Socialist Mothers when the growth cycle ends, becoming more concerned with those at the bottom that the few at the top.

Of course both sides, both extremes, the Fascist Fathers and the Socialist Mothers, come to hate democracy, seeing it as protecting the power of the hated other, the rich one the one hand, and the poor on the other. As the middle class is weakened by economic decay and social disintegration stemming from that decay, the two extremes become more powerful, harden, and demand absolute control.

Any system (State Capitalism, for instance) that seeks to shift assets further into the hands of the very wealthy at the end of the growing cycle is threatening Democracy, by targeting the Middle Class for destruction. The Fascist Fathers are oligarchs at heart; their desire always is to sift more and more power and wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer people -- to 'corner the market' in stock market terminology. The Socialist Mothers are committed to sharing, to distribution the wealth, to fairness.

Central bank monetary policies today are threatening democracies all over the world. But the central banks work for the 1%, the most powerful members of the society, the oligarchs. Central banks do not work for the 99%.

If their policies destroy our democracy, our ability to peacefully balance to two major forces of destiny (right and left), then we will discover that it was not capitalism that made America great, it was democracy.


Michael J. Clark, CGTS

Hanoi, Vietnam

17 May 2014