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The Clockwork Regularity Of God's Blessing And God's Curse In The Global Economy

Day-Cycles are periods of material expansion, wealth, creation, evolution. Night-Cycles are priods of materia contraction, poverty, stagnation, and devolution. Day-Cycles are apparently God's blessing; Night-Cycles are apparently God's curse. But it is paradoxical. Material blessing is often a spiritual curse, leading to sins of indulgence, greed, cruelty through hubris, arrogance, theft, racism, violence against one's neighbor. In Greek myth and in Hebrew religious thought, man's pride is the source of his sin against God and leads to his being cast out of paradise. God's curse in punishement for these sins related to arrogance, man believing that he is above God's laws; but even these Night-Cycle pregnant with curses and plagues are paradoxical, since embedded in these periods of darkness are ideas which allow man to escape death, to purify himself and his culture, and to discover the nature of rebirth or resurrection.

I am writing this instablog for a friend with whom I am communicating about the mystical nature of our lives. I told him I would post some diagrams from the two novels on which I am now working, CROSS EXAMINATION (begun 1998) and 2 AND 1/2 LOVES (begun in 2010), the latter of which is the second part of the book I have completed on the metaphysical causes of the Global Economic collapse begun in 2008, TURN OUT THE LIGHTS, actually begun in 2001, which is available for reading at:

In 1977, in the last Night-Cycle (1965-1983), I wrote a long, prophetic descent into hell, akin to Dante's INFERNO. It is a personal journey describing this descent which I came to realize was a personal death experience, but also a cultural or national death experience.

This was my first understanding of a Night-Cycle. I experienced a rebirth process that began in 1983 -- the Night-Cycle is spent, in a metaphoric sense, in Noah's Ark (Argha is the Moon, and also the Womb, which says much about the nature of Night-Cycles, unsteady, watery, dark, oceanic, destructive) -- God's 'promised land' is the promise that the Night-Cycle unsteadiness of a watery environment will be succeeded by a steady appearance on 'land', earth. Metaphorically, this also suggests the amphibious nature of sea-life climbing up on land to begin life under the Sun's aegis, the evolution of sea life on dry land.

The Night-Cycle of 1965-1983 was very difficult; it became less difficult when I realized it was not something I was 'doing alone'. Everyone I knew was going through a traumatic readjustment -- a death experience -- and suddenly, America, and the entire world in truth, was going through a spiritual awakening. I document these alchemical changes in my novel. I did not view them through an alchemical lens at the time. I do now. I was being alchemically stripped of an old skin, old values, old corruptions -- and was slowly being given a new set of clothes, in the metaphoric sense. When the Day-Cycle began, 1983, I was cleansed. I saw myself and the world through new eyes, clean, renewed, ready for life. The Night-Cycle is about rejection of the world, because it is corrupt -- this is a kind of love of death, love of spirit, love of 'the other world. The Day-Cycle is about a new embracing of life, because life appears new and fresh and clean. The Night-Cycle is an alchemical dissolving of the Old World in the Ocean of Dreams, in the milky-moonlight.

I say CONVERSATIONS ON A DYING AGE is a prophetic book. I was looking at my manuscript a few weeks ago, and on page 307, written in 1979, I came across this poetic passage, appearing just above the box of text at the bottom of the manuscript page:

And in the wind on some dream, on the fast lap of morning, in the reeds rushing lightly: I saw a falcon descending. Its wings were a furious flapping of pure light; and dawn echoed rich through its purple enclosure...and the titans, who strode over Earth burned to nothing, and the bird rose to take them, on its wings, back through Time....! AND WHAT ELSE DID YOU SEE...? I saw twin towers collapse beneath the swipe of the sceptre, and an old woman laugh as she handed her hair back. And the wheat fields weep as the Sun passed to shadow. I saw many persons crying. The falcon flew from his Master....

Prophecy is part and parcel of the poetic language. Vico called Poetic Wisdom the first, and the highest, language of humanity. Poetic Wisdom uses the mind as an organ of perception, as an eye to look directly on the world, rather than as a a machine for rationalization and analysis, as does the Concrete Mind of rational man (the Day-Cycle Mind).

As I sank into the Moon World post-2001 in this Night-Cycle I watched my own writing become oceanic; and I watched the English language I was using to write CROSS EXAMINATION also begin to dissolve. It was as though I was speaking under water, with sounds echoing and distorting, the distortions becoming, themselves, pregnant with esoteric meaning. It became clear to me what James Joyce had been doing in FINNEGANS WAKE -- he was writing about this dissolution Night-Cycle process (language also dissolves, into sound-language, song, double and triple meaning, puns, dream-language); soon the plain Day-Cycle English of CROSS EXAMINATION became something else, a logical system breaking up, into parts, being dissolved into the underlying dreamlike sound system.

CROSS EXAMINATION floats in and out of consciousness, in and out of English. The Night-Cycle dissolves the world. In the Roman Dark Age (a larger scale Night-Cycle, which the Hindus call pralaya and the Jews call sabbath -- the Hindus divide time into manvantaras (Man's Time, what I call a Day-Cycle) and pralayas (when Man's activity disappears, what I call a Night-Cycle) -- the Roman Dark-Age (Night-Cycle) showed how the dominant Latin (with Roman culture and institutions) dissolved, and became a dead-language, but merged and intermingled with local Germanic, Celtic, and English languages, melting itself into new languages, Romance Languages. Local expressions, dialects, accents take over again, replacing the Global Language of the Romans.

I use diagrams in these two novels to illustrate my ideas. 'My' ideas? They don't belong to me. These ideas are ideas I see with my mind acting as an organ of perception.

Anyway, I've said enough. My intent is to present pictures, diagrams, with little comment on them, if possible. I will start with a statement of my view on economic cycles and then also engage diagrams that are not primarily about economics but about Solar organization.

People familiar with my views will understand that it is my belief that Nature worlds in orderly cycles. In terms of human cycles, the 36-year cycle

1. This diagram is pretty much a sum of my ideas on economic cycles given in graphic form.

2. The second diagram combines a graphic I found on the web describing the debt cycles of different nations of the Earth. I added my graphics to the data. This diagram was done in 2010, as America was entering its Deflation Stage (2010-2019). Note in the first chart specific dates of each stage in this most recent round: Reflation Stage (1983-1992); Inflation Stage (1992-2001); Disinflation Stage (2001-2010); Deflation Stage (2010-2019). Reflation is achieved by a combination of the reduction of debt during the Deflation Stage and the cyclic lowering of interest rates to encourage investment. Disinflation is essentially the attempt to reflate (or re-inflate) at the wrong time of the cycle, and results in wasted energy and money in an attempt to deny the inevitability of the deflation that is at hand. I don't agree with the placement of all nations on this wheel of debt-time; I believe that Australia and Canada are much further along toward deflation than they appear here. I still believe it is a useful diagram.

3. The third diagram is a representation of the economic cycles of Day-Cycle Expansion from Midnight/Winter Solstice to Noon/Summer Solstice represented by the SEED IN THE FRUIT AT THE TOP OF THE TREE (2001); and of the Night-Cycle Contraction from Noon/Summer Solstice represented by the SEED IN THE EARTH AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TREE (2019). Energy in the Tree of Life is driven up from the root-system to the top of the tree to create fruit for harvest. Then the energy reverses direction and spends the unfruitful season (Winter) energizing the root system (buried) beneath the Earth protecting the root-system.

4. The fourth diagram is not directly about economics but is a reversed image showing the Night-Cycle on top and the Day-Cycle below. The suggestion is that the Night-Cycle is dark on the outside but light on the inside; and that the Day-Cycle is light on the outside but dark on the inside. The Day-Cycle favors the individual over the group, the civilization over the culture, and results in individual freedoms and in great discoveries for civilization, but also results in increasing problems of socialization, crime, drug use, loneliness, alienation. The Night-Cycle demonstrates in less material wealth but i more cultural belonging, less crime, less suicide, less societal maladjustment, less sickness.

The Gnostics conceived of God as a mysterious incognizable paradox, white and black by turns, expansive and then constrictive, a loving Father Figure and then a World-Destroyer. Many religions split this paradoxical nature of God, creating a God and a Devil, at odds in and over the world. My view is that God -- the God we are able to approach and begin to understand through his/her works -- for this Creative/Destructive God is androgynous -- is expanding energy in the material world by Day, and then expanding energy in the spiritual world by Night. This is a paradox indeed. When the material world expands, the spiritual world contract; when the spiritual world expands, the material world contracts. Those of you who have read my ideas will know that I believe the world is structure around cycles lasting exactly 36 years, 18 years of which are described by energy expanding the material world -- evolving the material world -- and 18 years of which are described by energy expanding the spiritual world. God, through Man, evolves the knowledge of the material world for 18 years; then God changes sides, changed direction, turn upside down and inside out, expands in the spiritual dimension, which is, at the same time, a material world contraction. See below for the years of these cycles. Note also this chart synthesizes Eastern Religion cycles and Western Religion cycles, as expressed by specific astrological symbolism of each.

Here are the said cycles as I believe they are conceived:

Period A. 2001 - 2019: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period B. 1983 - 2001: Day Cycle Inflation, Higher forms of Organization

Period C. 1965 - 1983: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period D. 1947 - 1965: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period E. 1929 - 1947: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period F. 1911 - 1929: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period G. 1893 - 1911: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period H. 1875 - 1893: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period I. 1857 - 1875: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period J. 1839 - 1857: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period K. 1821 - 1839: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period L. 1803 - 1821: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period M. 1785 - 1803: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period N. 1767 - 1785: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period O. 1749 - 1767: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

Period P. 1731 - 1749: Day Cycle Inflation, higher forms of Organization

Period Q. 1713 - 1731: Night Cycle Deflation, Social Fragmentation, Chaos

5. The fifth diagram is about similar themes with an emphasis upon the three stages of Man, the Father as the Day-Cycle of Material World Expansion, the Mother as the Night-Cycle of Spiritual World Expansion, and the Holy Ghost and Son, as the meeting ground of these two world forces, which represents both the end of the Old World and the birth of the New World. Many people on this site seem to view me as something archaic, and Old World View, that is superstitious, religions, archaic and anarchic, as if the Whole World I am portraying is something from the past, and they, themselves are something from the present and future. When the Scientific World and the Religious World draw together, this is the end of the world. These two forces will destroy one another; and they will change places. The world that was on top, with be on bottom: "The First shall be Last." The world that was on the bottom will be on the top also. The two world pass directly through the center of the world -- this is represented by the crucifixion of the Solar God, or Christ most recently. I will write about this more below. This meeting and mystical marriage of these two worlds also results in the birth of the Son, the mediating Middle Principle.

6. The sixth diagram is about the idea of the crucifixion of the Sun. See below my discussion of what the crucifixion is about.

The Fertility God in myth is a blood sacrifice for the group. Jesus is a Fertility God, as the Sun-Hero god was in every culture. "Take of this, and eat of it, for this is my body, and this is my blood."

Ancient myth eats the Sun-Hero in much the same way. For renewal of the planet, the group, the tribe, the world. Saving the world from the Night-Cycle, which results in Flood, deflation, decay, demonic greed, degeneration and death.

Why crucifixion? It is based on the understanding of the world as a circle. With a north-south axis. And an east-west equator. The east-west equator represents the horizontal principle, which is the Female Principle, Space. The North-South axis represents the Male Principle, the Vertical Principle.

The Four Guardian Angels are these cardinal directions, which later also became the Four Virtues. They are positions on the calendar -- time is space after all. Crucifixion is what happens the central point when the world begins to contract.

Think of the circle and its central point. Think of it expanding, and becoming a huge universe. Think of a balloon expanding. This is what happens in the Day Cycle. The Four Principles, the Four Directions, the Four Times, the Four Seasons and Perspectives are all together when the world begins again. But as the breath of God inflates the world, these Four Horsemen on their four horses get pushed away from each other. The Day-Cycle brings peace and prosperity, generally speaking, because the Four Antagonists, the Four Elements (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) get separated from each other, as the Creative God's breath forces them in opposite directions.

Fast-forward to the end of the expansion. The end of the Day-Cycle. This is metaphorically what happened in 2001. The balloon, the circle, begins to deflate, and the Four Corners of the World all begin to slowly recede back toward the center point. Jesus, the Sun-Hero in all cultures, through history, is the center point. The sun is the center of the system. As the world contracts back toward its starting point, tensions and difficulties become more obvious. Space becomes more constrictive. Energy becomes less available for everyone. Food shortages; water shortages; electricity shortages. Natural storms begin to punish man. Every Night-Cycle is an energy crisis, in the largest sense of the world. Money is a form of energy: money starts to disappear. Energy is the force to get work done. Energy has turned inside out; and work is not getting done. There is not money to pay to get work done.

Jesus, the Sun Principle, is at the center of this contracting wheel or circle or globe. Metaphorically he is strapped to the cross and its 4 Principles or Directions or Seasons or Elements, strapped to the cross of North-South and East-West. Look at the world today: America vs Russia/China (West-East); Judeo-Christianity-Islam (North-South). These implicit antagonisms are pulling the world closer to the center of the world, the cross on which Jesus (the Middle Principle) is strapped.

Jerusalem is the center of the world. Look at the tensions in the Middle East (the Middle Yeast): all the nations of the world are being drawn toward the Middle East and Jerusalem because the bubble that was blown in the Day-Cycle is now contracting because God's breath is now breathing the world back in.

Dionysus in Greece was crucified. Ixion was crucified. Osiris was murdered.

Kersey Graves lists 16 historical crucified Sun-Gods in his book, The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors:

Chrishna of India (Krishna), 1200 B.C.
Alcestos (Alcestis) of Euripides, 600 B. C.
Atys (Attis) of Phrygia, 1170 B. C.
Bali of Orissa, 725 B. C.
Budha Sakia of India, 600 B. C.
Crite of Chaldea, 1200 B. C.
Hesus or Eros (Esus), 834 B. C.
Iao of Nepaul, 622 B. C.
Indra of Thibet, 725 B. C.
Mithra (Mitra) of Persia, 600 B. C.
Prometheus or Æschylus of Caucasus, 547 B.C.
Quexalcote of Mexico, 587 B. C.
Quirinus of Rome, 506 B. C.
Thammuz (Tammuz) of Syria, 1160 B. C.
Thulis of Egypt, 1700 B. C.
Wittoba (Vithoba) of the Bilingonese, 552 B. C.

Greeks converted to Christianity readily because they believed that Zeus (Jupiter, the Great God) was Jesus. Some Jewish scholars referred to Jesus as the Prophet, Elizeus or Eliseus. The Greeks believed Elizeus or Jesus was a form of El-Zeus, or Zeus the God. I will get into this more at some other point. Zeus's son Prometheus who is essentially crucified on Mt. Caucasus for his love of humanity, stealing fire (power of foresight and prophecy) from heaven, so he could help save humanity. He gets punished for this of course; because he helps humanity survive. He shows them the future.

Myth is not about the past. It is about the Eternal Time archetypal structure of life. It is a kind of blueprint of the seasons of human existence that are eternally recurring. Prometheus is still alive. He is still alive in our dreams and in our internal reality. In the Day-Cycle we are increasing cut off from this reality, this God-reality; but during the Night-Cycle was are breathed back in to the God-reality, where we find the gods or idea from the past timeless and still vital and increasingly important to our survival as individuals, cultures, and national entities.

What is this all about? The fire? Jesus, Michael the Archangel, and Mercury are all called psychopompos, which in Greek means 'guide of souls'. The psychopompos is the central point in the circle, the whole man, the first principle and the last principle (who refused to break himself into parts, who sees both worlds at the same time) -- these three mythological figures all represent this principle -- the psychopompos shows the souls of the 'living', who need to die, where they are going, down into the underworld; and he shows the souls of the dead where they now need to go, back to life, up into the higher world -- he is the gatekeeper, verily, the 'truth, the light and the way'. Those who were proud are humbled in the death of their egos; those who have been humbled are raised back up. There is a cyclical recirculation of souls, some back into light, some back into darkness. Jesus is the judge, the angel who presides over the Judgment Day. If we look at the image of Michael the Archangel below, we see him holding a sword in his right hand (the warrior, Mars, of the Dawn) and in his left hand the scales for judging the Dead which he will use as Jesus when the world ends, at Dusk.

Jesus is the juncture of the four principles, the four directions, the four season, the four times -- everything runs through him, the hub of the wheel. His crucifixion is both the end of this world and the beginning of the next world.

Jesus essentially comes to tell those on top that they are going down into the Underworld; and he comes to tell those on bottom that they are going up, into heaven. Jesus marks the end of one world, and a great turning of energy upside-down and inside out. Jesus told the Roman World that their days in power were over: they were going down; he told the poor, that they were going up, or at least that those powerful Romans who had oppressed them were going to vanish from the world.

What I write on Seeking Alpha is very much this same message. America, and the West, are going down into the sea -- the same way that the Sun was seen as falling into the ocean at the end of day, similar to Icarus in the Greek Myth. The world governed by light/ matter/ reason/ the Male* -- Active Intelligence Principle -- is vanishing; the Day is over. Sabbath is here.

Ancient Greeks used to pray at night to Hermes/Mercury so that he took their souls at night into the dream world instead of Pluto-Hades. Hermes was eternal life, who had access to both world, high and low, waking and dream. If Pluto took them at night, they could not come back; they would die in their sleep. Mercury was eternal life. Pluto was the King of the underworld, the Death Principle, Hades.

Prometheus, the Son of Zeus, means "fore-knowledge" in Greek -- the ability to see the future. Prometheus had a twin brother, Epimetheus, meaning 'hindsight', the ability to see the past. Prometheus was a prophet, who could see the future. His brother as the master of looking backward. Interestingly, Epimethus marries Pandora, with her famous box of plagues for humanity. Remember when I told you about the Hebrew word/letter Mem (NYSE:M), Ocean, Sea, Mary, Memory, Mare (Sea), Moon, reflection -- the mid-point of the alpha bet, the first half being the Day-Cycle and the second half being the Night-Cycle -- Mem like Epimetheus/Pandora represents also the Night-Cycle, when the future vanishes and the past is exposed (along with past sins for judgment). Pandora's evils and the plagues of Egypt are the same thing: they are the curses of the Night-Cycle, when nothing expands, nothing works, light is gone. Jesus is sent to Earth during the Night-Cycle to be the human/angelic sacrifice that brings light back to the earth, that frees the spirit of Prometheus, the future. Jesus is crucified in the Night-Cycle; and it is this sacrifice that lifts God's curse from humanity.

God's curse on humanity is connected with the Tower of Babel, which is the culmination of the Day Cycle, when humanity becomes so arrogant and proud (forgetting God) that Jupiter/Jehovah God punishes man by destroying the Tower of Babel and confusing the tongues/languages of the world. This of the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001, which was out Tower of Babel experience, right on time.

Zeus/Jupiter sends his own son down to earth to offer redemption, through death and resurrection. These are very old ideas; as old as man. And every new religion uses the material of what has come before and carries it a bit further. The same way that every anti-religious scientific civilization works with the science of the worlds that preceded it, and carry the evolution further.

Scientific knowledge evolves in time. Religious ideas also evolve in (out of) time. There is nothing new under the sun. But old ideas are rediscovered and are developed further. This happens in scientific cultures after the long Dark Age following active civilizations; and this happens in religious cultures during the Dark Ages following active Day-Cycle empires.

Science evolves during the Day-Cycle. Religion evolves during the Night-Cycle. From 2001-2019 religious ideas are vitalized and developed, as scientific ideas were vitalized and developed from 2001-2019. In a larger scale, reason and science were evolved during the Roman Empire period; and religious ideas were evolved during what history calls the Dark Age.

Dawn is that mid-point where 'Man' appears again, the balance. In history this is the Renaissance Period. Noon is the culmination of the scientific idea, the Male Principle, reason, material development -- empire and empiricism. Dusk is the Romantic Period in social development, when Man, the balance again, vanishes from history.

From Dusk to Dawn, the Dark Age, the Female Principle, Religion, rules.

Man builds the City of God (Dawn, culminating at Noon, in the Tower of Babel). Man turns his back on the City of God, and on God, and goes into exile (Dusk). The Mother (Nature) governs the Dark Age, and regenerates the Male Principle through the powers inherent in the Mother, sexual regeneration, and body reconstruction. Genetics.

7. A final diagram that I will not discuss much in detail except to say that the first man, Adam the First, corresponds to Michael the Archangel and the last man, Adam the Second, corresponds the Jesus Christ. Again these same stage evolve from Dawn, the First Man, who is complete, whole, androgynous, Male and Female, a divine warrior, the Perfect Balance. The last man, the Seventh, is Jesus Christ, who is also the Perfect Balance. Michael is the first man; and then man descends out of heaven and becomes more material and less spiritual; more intellectual, but less spiritual. The Fourth Man (Cancer; High Noon) is a giant in the material sense; a monster in fact, Behemoth. From this point, with each cyclical incarnation, man becomes less material and more spiritual, retaining his intellectual development. I may write about this more later. But for tonight I just want to introduce these ideas.

Michael J. Clark, CGTS

Hanoi, Vietnam