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Michael J. Clark was born and raised in Sinclair, Wyoming. He is a poet, novelist, artist, historian, and market analyst. His fine arts portfolio can be found at the following address: http://www.hoalantrangallery.com/MJC2.htm His writing portfolio can be found at:... More
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  • The Four Seasons Of The Economy Are The Four Seasons Of Human History 11 comments
    Aug 23, 2012 7:38 AM

    The Four Seasons of the Economy are also the Four Seasons of Human History are also the Four Seasons of Nature.


    Winter to Spring equals Reflation.

    Spring to Summer equals Inflation.


    Summer to Autumn equals Disinflation.

    Autumn to Winter equals Deflation.

    Last week I wrote an instablog in which I overlay the Biblical story of Samson which Ernest Busenbark connects in his book Symbols, Sex and the Stars to the four quarters of the Moon Cycle.

    Here is that instablog for those who are interested:


    That instablog helped to generate this diagram of the "Seasons of the Economy".

    Then, all of a sudden, two days later, I saw, understood, that this pattern was also a lens through which to view the Cycles of Human History. The essay below began as a response to a reader who took issue with my claim that Night-Cycles were anti-man and anti-technology -- and that the evolution of the machine (i.e., civilization) stops or regresses during a Night-Cycle.

    The reader, of course, is correct, when looking at a minor Night-Cycle interrruption of a Major Day-Cycle Movement, such as what we have been expriencing since the Renaissance in Europe. Man's genius through technology does suffer serious set-backs during Minor Night-Cycles also -- see Nuclear Energy and Japan's tsunami diaster. I also pointed to the Global Economy as a Man-Built 'Machine' for the exchange of money (blood, in the analogy to the human body). This 'machine' began breaking down in 2001, and continues to break down today. All the engineering and problem-solving of Man-the-Machine-Incarnate have not been able to make this machine recover as desire -- and will not be able to 'fix the problem' until 2019, when the problem fixes itself, when entropy turns into anti-entropy, and contraction transforms into expansion.

    "Self-Sufficiency" as a Night-Cycle philosophy -- which is coming to America and other nations soon -- is a form of 'Protectionism' -- and is a picture of the inert body in a horizontal position, the blood resting, not circulating, or circulating in a placid, leisurely way. The 'Self-Sufficiency" Movement is and will be a saving-impulse, saving the country, saving the society, saving money: tight-fisted, old-school austerity; standing on one's one feet; conservative finance and conservative salvation of the Foundation Stone (the Founding Principles) of the society.

    To see a 'real' large-scale historical Night-Cycle look at the Dark Ages in Europe from the Fall of the Roman Empire until the rise of the Renaissance city-states in Europe. This is a picture of a larger-scale Night-Cycle. Clearly the technology-imperative suffers a major recession (akin to castration) for over 1,000 years in Western Europe.

    We are now in a Large Historical Day-Cycle, or period of Evolution. When it pops, the American Empire will pop. The World-Cities of Washington DC and New York -- and almost all large cities will see a huge drain of population away from the cities. A massive 'return to Nature' will develop. And Man-as-Technology-Mach... will recede from the picture in a very large way.

    America will break up into Dark Age Chaos with the Mega-City of the Modern age shrinking into small centers of monastic learning. In the same way that European city-states were born from the seeds of Rome, so American city-states will be born from the seeds of the American Empire, which scatters its seeds before it dies. The Wind (the Breath of God) scatters the seeds. Individuals fleeing the cities, fleeing to the countryside, is a picture of these seeds seeking re-planting below, on the Earth. The cities, themselves, are or represent the fruit at the top of the Tree of Life.

    When America wakes up again it will be with city-states that become the new smaller nations of America with different languages, dialects of English, like Europe in the Renaissance, with the Romance languages' 'dialects' of Latin. Roman influence in laws, technology, customs, language (Roman history, inside of which Greek history also resides, nested within) are retained in the seeds, scattered all over especially current Western Europe.

    The Poet (Renaissance Man of Spring and the Romantic Man of Autumn) are superior to the Scientist, the Rationalist -- who, like Lucifer, refuses to come down (from the perspective of the Material Tree of Life, or come up, from the religious perspective), who refuses to accept the holocentric world -- refuses to worship God -- preferring to be lower Oor higher) than God, choosing instead to be the King of the Duality, the King of the Half-World.

    The belief that he is superior to the inherited Theoretical Knowledge makes him invoke and defend his own superiority. Jesus, the Soul, can cure him. Instead, he urges Jesus to join his side, offers him wealth, power over the Earth, pleasure, women, love, fame. This is a picture of the Wilderness.

    There are many other Night-Cyles in history one can examine. The Night-Cycles are the periods between incarnations, between Empires and the expansion of civilizations and stages for indiviuation.

    The Historical periods of civilization correspond to the Four Seasons of the Economic Cycle.

    I. Reflation Period of History. Winter to Spring. This runs from the apex of the Dark Ages, when the world has shrunk (as the universe will also shrink -- see the Big Crunch) from a massive debt bubble back down to the point, the seed, from which it came. The seed (think of a neutron star) is a neutral center that contains the sum total of the earlier Day-Cycle Expansion into Civilization and Global Mega-Cities -- these mega-cities are the fruit of the entire growth cycle -- the cities of the world are the fruit hanging on the tree of life, civilization itself, the stage for the production of individual genius.

    In the Dark Age, all of this luminescence shrinks back down into the seed, that is small centers of culture and learning: monasteries. The monasteries are the seeds, the repositories, of all the learning from the preceding Expansion Cycle.

    These tiny centers of learning are set in Nature, hidden in Nature. Man is gone -- Man as the machine maker, as the city-builder, as the Master of the Universe as a form of technology, as a machine.

    The Reflation Cycle begins with a religious idea -- the birth of a New Sun, a New Day, a New God, a Messiah, such as Jesus -- born at the apex of Darkness, the Winter Solstice, Winter, Christmas, Saturnalia -- and with the command to build the City of God.

    The Reflation Cycle is Gothic in nature, black, dark, stony, fearful. And the first sign that the reflation has begun is when large, complex cathedrals, essentally religious books made out of stone, begin to rise up our of the earth, out of the small villages and hamlets hidden in very dark nature. The monasteries are small moons -- and nothing else lights the world.

    Reflation begins in the Gothic (Earth) and culinates in the Renaissance City-States of Europe -- which represent the Dawn, the Spring. These small city-states are a balance between Nature and Man as Urban Dweller and Urban Builder. The Renaissance Man is balanced btween God and Man, between Religon and Reason. These are the greatest men Nature builds, Whole Men, Geniuses -- Whole Beings: Adam the First and Adam the Last. America's Founding Fathers were men such as these. These Renaissance Men are the balance between Reason and Religion but they are moving away from Religion, moving toward the great Father Polar Magnet, toward Freedom, Independence, Self-Expression which culminates in the idea that Man is a God also.

    II. The Inflation Cycle runs from Spring to Summer, and is exemplified by Man turning away from Nature and Relgion -- the Great Mother -- and moving toward the Father in the Sky, moving toward greater forms of Man's creation, Technology. There was almost no technology in the bottom of the Night-Cycle, in the Dark Age: simple tools; humble technics. There was starvation, poverty, harsh Winters, pestilence. Reason, as a force, was blotted out. Man prayed. He built cathedrals to God as a form of prayer and sacriifce.

    In the Inflation Cycle, churches get smaller and houses, banks, office building, sporting colliseums get huge. Cities get huge. The Inflation Cycle is about everything getting big -- except churches. Men become giants. Bank accounts become huge. Nations become large, accumulative, and threatening, giants. Armies and technologies become huge. Egos become huge. It is the era of the fruitful massive human nature. Everything is growing. Growth becomes the defining concept. Perpetual Growth becomes an ideal. "Maybe we can keep growing for ever. Maybe if we keep inflating and inflating we will be able to just keep on growing forever."

    Erection, Inflation, Construction, Fertility are all the province of the heroic male and his Erect Magic Wand. Understand this in its sybolism, if you will. No woman is safe from men during the Inflation Cycle -- man is on a mission from God -- and the Missionary Position puts Man-on-Top, Woman-on-Bottom.

    But then the Growing Season ends. The sap, rising up the Tree of Life to power expansion as the weather gets warmer and warmer, also powering expansion, suddenly turns, changes direction, and heads back down the Tree of Life. The Empire begins to shudder, hesitate, fail at attempted re-inflation, and then begins to break. The Mega-City as an ideal loses its luster. The Romantics appear -- Doubters in the Godhood of the Human -- those who idealize Nature, who turn their backs on Reason and on the worship of Man. Those who love the Mother and respect the Mother more than the Father.

    Romantics idealize Art and the Artist; Love and the Lover; and they have no respect for the dry world of Reason. They see the Father's World, Capitalism, Science, as forms of Greed, Destruction of Nature, Instruments that Separate Human Nature into classes of Rich against Poor.

    Romantics are on the side of the Poor, against the Rich. Some become Marxist revolutionaries; others become ecologists; others turn to music, poetry, painting, seeking to express the Inner World, seeking to find God again, not in the Outer World of the Object but in the Inner Dream World of Subjective Experience, the labyrinth of the Mother Goddess, the Night.

    III. The Disinflation Cycle in history is sad. This is when the City comes to be seen as a prison and as dangerous; when the Old King becomes authoritarian and repressive. People begin evacuating the cities. People think about 'saving'; saving their lives, saving their money, saving their souls. Spending becomes equivalent to sin, to self-indulgence, to profligacy.

    The Disinflation Cycle generates a sense in humans of their own sins, their debts (monetary and of the soul) for which they must make restitution in order to be redeemed. They understand that the Inflation Cycle was some kind of temptation to replace God, as a force of Life, with self-worship, self-indulgence, and with the Idolatry of Man, himself.

    Romantics rebel against the Machine, which they come to see as a form of Idolatry: Man idolizing himself, taking the place of God, a form of Golden Calf. Modern Man with his cities, his huge houses, his cars and fancy technology is seen as a force of devilish corruption. Satan tempted Jesus to join Satan's side, offering him gold, women, political power, if he would only form an alliance with Satan's Reality, the Objective World, the Scientific world. But Jesus refused, knowing this meant death for him, and descent into hell for three days, before his resurrection.

    All attempts to Reflate the society fail. Fruit begins to fall back to Earth. A 'Back to Earth' Movement develops; and mass migration out of the cities follow. Technology begins to break down. The Global Economy is a Great Machine created by Man for circulation of money -- currency being the blood-system of Human Society; but this Machine breaks down; and societies break up in civil wars, as dualities harden between the Rich and the Poor.

    The cities are no longer safe; the cities break up into neighborhoods based on race, religion and/or economic status. Crime-rates rise. Diseases spread. Natural disasters pick up steam. Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires, drought. The Inflation is the triumph of Man over Nature, and the triumph of his power of planning, technology and his problem-solving: Man as Engineer. But, during the Disinflation, Man's engineering fails. This era sees a loss of faith in the Religion of Man. Rotten fruit at the top of the tree refuses to fall, refuses to be with the common man at the bottom of the tree. But the sap of the Tree of Life has abandoned the top branches and leaves the fruit rotting on top of the Tree. The Sap turns down to protect the root-structure underground. The Sap knows that the Winter will be very hard on the Tree of Life -- and that the root-system (the fundamental elements) of the race, the culture, the nation need to be preserved if there is going to be another Growing Cycle later in time. As the temperature falls, the society becomes more cold, more self-sufficient -- and the sap goes down into the tomb of the Earth to hide from the coming Deflation Season.

    IV. The Deflation Cycle in history. As the Renaissance Men in Spring highlighted the incipient Inflation Cycle of History (the Heroes) so the Romantic Men in Autumn highlight the incipient Deflation Cycle of History (the Anti-Heroes). The Romantics turn against Man, turn their back on the cities, embrace Mother Earth, join together to protect the Earth from rape and pillaging by capitalists. The Romantics become revolutionaries, martyrs for Nature. The mega-City is considered cancerous; the romantics lead the abandonment of the cities -- and settle in smaller towns which become the centers for the rebellion against the Religion of Man -- University Towns. The Romantics are whole beings, able to see both sides, as were the Renaissance Heroes. But the Renaissance Heroes' task was to build the City of God. The Romantic Anti-Heroes' task, as they see it, is to deconstruct the City of God. They are Autumn Elementals. Their job is to deconstruct the current corrupt form of reality so that a new, better model can eventually be built. They turn their back on Man and the City, idealize Nature, and lead the destruction or deconstruction of civilization.

    The Empire collapses. (We saw a micro-version of this in America in the 1960's and 1970's -- America torn apart by race, gender division, political division (Spring elements supporting expansion of the empire against Autumn elements supporting contraction of the Empire) -- there was the requisite "Back to Nature Movement", led by hippies who brought color back to white and black America, who brought the Female Element back to save America from the dry technical mentality of the 1950's and early 60's. This is a miniature version of what will happen when the American Empire dies and has no more energy to incarnate and defeat this force of entropic gravitation drawing the Soul back to the Mother, back to Nature, the Night, Sleep, and Rest.

    The Deflation Cycle runs from Autumn to Winter, from Dusk to Midnight. This period is Chaos personified. The University Towns are overrun by the Gothic force, the barbarians who spill in from the forests (the unrestrained Force of Primordial Instinct). People stave. War comes from all sides. Religion flourishes. People hide in Nature, in small enclaves. Communes develop everywhere, most based on religious ideals. Small villages seek to survive as chaos and crime and starvation bring Darkness to the whole world. This is the Dark Age. There is almost no illumination on the Earth. Monasteries spring up. There is an attempt to rekindle religious belief. In the City, humans are large, huge, dominating the world with their systems and machinations and the power of the Ego to project largeness by means of and into the Technological World. In Nature, humans are small. Humans remember what the Bible said: to get into Heaven, man must be small enough to pass through the eye of a needle. Man, in the Deflation Cycle, idealizes the small human, the humble, the honest, the simple, the meek. Pride, arrogance, wealth and world power are considered vices in this world, the temptations of the Devil.

    The cities have been abandoned. All the buildings are falling, having decayed and been knocked down by wars. But the Gothic seed -- centered and de-centered in the monasteries -- contain the DNA of the last expansion. All things begin in Darkness.

    There is a seed of Light in the Darkest of Midnights; there is a seed of Death and Decay in the most powerful Noon of Day-Cycle Light and Material Expansiveness.

    This is Human History in a nutshell. At least the Waves of Human History, the large-scale movements of Human History.

    Day-Cycles are the story of Man and History. Night-Cycles are the story of Nature.

    Day-Cycles are the story of the West. Night-Cycles are the story of the East.

    The next obvious question is WHEN will all of this happen. I will look at this issue in one of my next posts.

    Those interested in knowing where we are, today, in this process, need to ask themselves, are the conditions of the Dark Age present in the world yet? Are speculators still buying dips? Is there a new religious fermentation present; is there an anti-urban sentiment, and have we passed through the 'self-sufficiency' philosophy, which is also a public mood to protect the local currency, the blood-stream of the culture?

    Clearly not. I know from personal experience that all those things were happening in America in 1983.

    When the global economy finally bottoms, there will be no more fruit at the top of the Tree of Life -- no more speculators buying dips -- no one will care about stocks and no one will care about buying a house and the only fervor in the investment world will be for gold -- and there will probably be more clamoring for the American Empire to expand again, in another war against the dreaded Dragon Islam, based in images from the Book of Revelation.

    A Day-Cycle begins from the point where it left off, when the 18-year bell rang; when the Soul Changed Sides, joining Spirit and foresaking the Body. A Night-Cycle begins from the point where it left off, when the 18-year bell rang; when the Soul Changed Sides again, choosing to vitalize the Body and turn its back on the Universal Spirit.

    The Soul never rests. The Soul is the driver of the 36-year cycle, is the force of Material Evolution, and then the source of Anti-Material Evolution, Spiritiual Evolution.

    In 2019, the Soul will incarnate again in the Body. The Soul will betray one lover, and embrace his adversary. Until then, however, the Soul will be on the side of the deconstruction, on the side of the weak and powerfless, on the side of God, and on the side of the porduction of the Day Age.

    Michael J. Clark, Hanoi, Vietnam

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  • jameslbradfield
    , contributor
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    it will help your equations if you factor in increasing population. this contributes to innovation and communication, in aggregate. a visualization of subtractive and additive properties to the eastern cyclicnature of history to which you reference is the western idea of upward progress of man. one can think of that notion as an inclined plane. thus the larger picture can be thought of as an "an archimede's screw " transferring the lwer waters of creation to the upper waters of creation. in other words,the world's screwed.
    23 Aug 2012, 09:16 AM Reply Like
  • Michael Clark
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » My metaphor is that the sap in the Tree of Life rises up the Tree in the inflation season and falls in the Deflation season. Are you suggesting that world population is the actual mechanism that triggers the movement of this metaphorical sap? That's an interesting idea. The lower waters of creation transferred to the upper waters of creation -- and then transferred back down again?


    I knew when you mentioned the 'architmedes' screw' that we were in trouble.
    23 Aug 2012, 10:13 AM Reply Like
  • Michael Clark
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » James: I would say that population expands during Day-Cycles and populaton declines during Night-Cycles but it is not the trigger, but an effect of the process. Night-Cycles are periods of darkness, war, danger, food scarcity. Abundant Day-Cycles encourage procreation, for the heart is light, and the future is bright.


    The idea that Lord give (Day Cycles: "Be fruitful and multiply") and that the Lord takes away is a very lunar image. The moon fills from New Moon to Full Moon and tempties or 'takes away' from Full Moon to New Moon.


    I think there is also probably a high rate of male sterility and impotence during Night Cycles since Night-Cycles are anti-man.
    28 Aug 2012, 10:29 AM Reply Like
  • Spin
    , contributor
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    More food for thought! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.


    In 2019, I will come full circle. I was surprised that at noon we became war-like again, and continue to field men as we move through the dark side.


    I'm curious about the number of years in the greater East-West cycle. It certainly appears that the East is awakening, while the West is in decay.


    Does the light of reawakening creep across the globe like the sun, bringing change to different people and cultures? I believe it does.
    23 Aug 2012, 11:44 AM Reply Like
  • Michael Clark
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » I agree with you, Spin. I'm living in Vietnam; and Vietnam seems to be awakening; Europe seems to be leading America into the dark waves of 'sleep'.


    We remember in the 1930's that Asia worke up first, with the Empire of the Sun, in Japan, becoming the first aggressors in World War III. People in Vietnam (natives) fear and hate the Chinese. I'm amazed at the level of hostility to the Chinese here. I'm also amazed at the level of hostility among the Chinese toward the Japanese -- over their island dispute.


    China is pushing her neighbors. There clearly is political agitation going on locally with military overtones.


    I would love to spend more time investigating the horizontal flow of night and shadow historically. There is also a North-South exchange going on. The East-West polarity is humanistic: communist/capitalist. But the North-South seems to be religious: the White Religion (Judeo-Christian) and the Black Religion (Islam). The North-South polarity is larger and more destructive and lasts longer.


    I have reason to believe that 2019 will bring us anotehr chapter of the crusade of Christianity vs Islam (and, of course, Islam vs Christianity). In the last Night-Cycle the East and the South (Communism and Islam) were significantly energize until 1983 -- and then the White Light of the West and North came back in, until 2001. With the Arab Spring, we can see another clear energizing of the Arab Islamic population.


    Remember 1983, Israel invaded Lebanon, and in some ways set the whole Religious Crusade in motion again.


    I like your last sentence. I wonder if the cycles could be charted using the longitude and latitude lines? Thanks for your note.


    23 Aug 2012, 12:24 PM Reply Like
  • squeeze
    , contributor
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    Hi Michael,
    greetings from Europe.
    I am embarrassed to be a part of a society that leads America into the dark
    waves of "sleep".
    I find your "exposés" quite interesting and the last thing I want to be is disrespectful but as you are making several references to "god" and "religions" I would like to ask you if there is a role for "a" or "several" gods in the theories you describe ?
    kind regards
    28 Aug 2012, 05:16 AM Reply Like
  • Michael Clark
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Very much a role for both A God and for the gods. In my mind there is A God (the Sun) and roles for many secondary gods (demiurgos). The Sun has aspects that are both White and Black; White Sun (corresponds to Physics' While Hole: spews matter or light) leads the expansion; Black Sun (corresponds to Black Hole; sucks in matter and light) leads the contraction (Night-Cycles). (The Sun's absence and entropy seem to be connected.)


    As far as the lesser gods, Jupiter corresponds to the White Side of the Sun, the Expansion God; Saturn corresponds to the Black Side of the Sun, the Deflation God. The Moon is the female Mind that reflects the Sun: fills up during Day-Cycles and empties out during Night-Cycles.


    Venus is the Female force of Desire and Love and Mind; she is also a gate-keeper who turns the gods into men and the men into gods. She lives in or near the two Medieval time periods in the scheme (Reanaissance in the Spring and Romantic in the Autumn) -- note, my use of the term medieval is different than historians. Birth and Death are middle ages. Day is incarnation: Heroism and Empire and Civilization-Building. Night is a period out of incarnation - Gothic Dark Age.


    Venus as the Morning Star is Eve, and relates to Physical procreation and expansion, giving man his body to conquer the world; Venus as the Evening Star is Hesperus, and relates (Mary in Christianity) to Spiritual creation -- she takes away the body and sends the Soul into the spiritual realm.


    Mercury is called the "Little Sun" and is the representative of Michael the Archangel and Jesus. Mercury is a guide of the dead, a psychopomp, who shows the dead the way to life and the living the way to death. Greeks used to pray to Mercury at night and at a loved one's death because Mercury, until Hades or Pluto, could find his way back from Death to Life -- thus, Mercury's gift was eternal life. Mercury was considered the god of commerce -- because he was pro-business during the Day Cycle as he was also anti-business during the Night Cycle...and this is a key to his gift of eternity. He represented the Soul, who was the time mechanism for the 36-year cycle. The Soul is on the side of the Body for 18 years; then the Soul changes side and is on the side of the Spirit for 18 years.


    Michael the Archangel is the first-born Sun and conquers the Dark Dragon (Communism/Islam) with his sword and his crusade of White Light. Jesus is the seventh-born: the last Day: Judgment Day. And Jesus' crusde is as Dark Light to defeat the White Dragon (Capitalism/Christiani... Jesus is the reverse side of Michael who comes to destroy what was created in Michael's name. Michael conquers the world for White Light; Jesus conquers the corrupt White Light by giving his life up, which defeats those who devour the world out of Greed.


    Jesus's historical appearance in Rome (to close out the Roman Empire) will be matched by Jesus' re-appearance in Aemrica to begin the closing out of the American Empire. Michael is building an army for the White Light Crusade even as Jesus is building an army for (to quote von Mies) the 'voluntary abandonment of further usefles credit or empire expansion). We live in very dynamic volatile times. Day-Cycles: surge in Michael the Archangel energy; Night-Cycles: surge in Jesus energy.


    The Highest God, the Sun, is complete, black and white, is the Number One, does not break himself down into smaller parts. The lesser gods all correspond to the numbers between 2-10.


    Mars I did not talk about. We are entering in the Mars' Zone in 2013, in terms of my Time-Cycle which means it will be a time for Spiritual Love (Mars and Venus) and also a time for inner warfare, self-judgment and perhaps civil war.


    Did you ever see Bergman's movie "Fanny and Alexander". It's a very interesting portrayal of the cosomology I mentioned above. First we see the Day-Cycle, governed by Jupiter and expansion. It is not a morally religious world, but filled with love and affluence. Theren there is a death. The world turns into the Night-Cycle, black and religious, dark, Saturn's world. In between is the Jewish family -- magical -- living in the Soul's Magic world. The Jews are welcomed in Jupiter's house; indeed, the Jew is having a love affair with the older women in Jupiter's house -- love is the theme; In Saturn's house the Jew is treated badly, considered a thief, and a stealer of children. In truth, the Jew does steal the children from Saturn's house and hides them in his own magical house, filled with mystical people and puppets, until he can get them back to where they belong, in Jupiter's house. See this movie if you like. I have never read anything about Bergman's intentions, but it is quite clear to me.


    I'm a bit of a pagan at heart. Ficino, in the Middle Ages, wrote (after Plato) that an individual human has all the planets inside of his psychic nature, and is subject to each of their influences in the cycles through which he lives. He needs to respect all the gods, and find a place for them inside himself, to assist healthy living.


    The alchemic process starts with the vitriol, the first matter -- and when it turns black, we are told to rejoice (and Read Joyce!) because the Spriitual Journey has begun. Vitriol, of course, reminds one of the word vitriolic: anger -- and this of God's anger. God is angry when the White Sun turns into the Black Sun (when the Day Cycle turns into the Night-Cycle) and this Angry God -- Jupiter turning into Saturn -- is the sign that the descent/ascent into the Night is beginning.


    Best of luck. Europe is going into the Dark before America it seems.


    Uranus and Neptune I also did not talk about. Neptune is the Cosmic ocean and, thus, is very strong in influence during Night-Cycles. Neptune catches the hero when he falls out of the sky, as he did in 2008.


    Deconstruction of the Day equals reconstruction of the Night.
    Deconstruction of the Night equals reconstruction of the Day.
    28 Aug 2012, 10:04 AM Reply Like
  • squeeze
    , contributor
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    Thank you for answering my question. Where I grew up you did not got born an atheist ; you had to earn it. I saw the light when I stopped drinking at the age of 40 . A film on national geographic about a very deep rift between europe and america from which depth, life as we know it on earth emerged, and the works of Darwin put me on the path of enlightenment. To complete my education I finally "read" the good book which I had never really "done" as a moderate roman catholic and was quite ashamed it took me 40 years to find out that my faith was based on a book in which you can read that slavery
    seems to be one of the most natural forms of treating other people.
    The way the founding fathers of Christianity came to the final version of the bible ( council of nicea and others ) and the fact that most of the rites had simply been taken over from religions that existed before where "revealing".
    At first it was quite confronting to realize that there would be no afterlife for me and when I am not feeling well the thought of.....
    "is this all that there is ?" can still haunt me but overall I feel much more comfortable since I realize I am the tinniest fragment of evolution than when I was thinking that I was the product of a higher force.
    A part from the fact that I sometimes tell my wife I feel hairgrowing between my eyes when walpurgisnight is approaching, I never stood still by astrological ( is that right term ? ) matters.
    As I am convinced that more than 95 % of the world's population is not so bright and as I know for a fact that you definitely are a member of the other 5% club I sincerely hope that I can have conversations with you in the future without being an adept of the astrological matters ?
    I have one or 2 sincere questions
    you mention a role for all the planets which names I am familiar with as I learned about them in school when I was young ; but space is infinite bigger than that ; what about all the other suns and stars ?
    you refer to interactions from astrological forces upon earthly religions ( jesus and islam as examples ) and political systems ( capitalism and communism ) .
    But as I , with my high school education, was able to decipher that these earthly religions are totally nonsense and as communism did not exist before 1900 and is no longer existing besides in the paradise of your neighbor in north corea , why would astrological forces bother ?
    Michael, I really thank you and I mean this very sincerely.
    writing this article took me several hours and was very inspiring ; it had been quite a while since I thought back to the time that I took charge of my myself again ( as I was drinking too much ). Realizing that RK religion was fake I got as a bonus in the process.
    writing this article reminded me of that .


    as for Europe being in the dark before America


    I live next to France but "chauvinism" is a concept I only apply to the people I love. this being said.....


    each and every year spending a trillion more than you earn ( and thinking that is normal and that the rest of the world will keep on financing your debts) .
    now it is a democratic government but that is of no importance as it started with reagan and since americans have convinced themselves that paying less tax equals less deficit we now only have to wait until there comes a wizard who is coming to the conclusion that paying no tax equals no deficit ( is there no role for sarah palin or michelle bachman ? )
    taking american boys all overall the world to get them killed in the name of what ?
    behaving as the ethical and moral judge of the world but providing this world with all sort of weapons (85 % of the worldtotal)
    millions of people have no access to proper medical care and still this system is costing much and much more than the "socialist medical care system" in europe ( and is even not more performing )
    persisting that global warmth is a fiction
    as we have already covered the the religious subject I will only mention that "creationism" and "intelligent design" are topics that the tea party embrace in a favorable way


    does the darkness still has to fall michael ? cat it get any darker ?
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  • Michael Clark
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Squeeze: I appreciate your note. I was raised a Roman Catholic as well -- St Joseph's school in Rawlins, Wyoming. Now when I look back I put it (and everything else) in my TimeWheel to try to understand it as a relative ignorance rther than an absolute ignorance.


    My rebellion began in about 1968-69, when I finished high school. Then I was anti-Catholic, anti-American, anti-Western Civilization. I finished college in 1974, English Literature -- and separated the fall of Richad Nixon as an alchemical destruction of the Corrupt Old King -- that's how I see it now. On my Time-Wheel conception, the actual Day-Cycle had run from (Dawn to Dusk:) 1956 to 1974. I finished college at dusk; and wrote my first novel 1974-1976. I fell madly in love with a woman who had been married two weeks when we met. This love lasted about a year -- was a spiritual love affair. Then I left Wyoming and moved to Eugene, Oregon, thinking she would follow me.


    In Eugene, in 1977, when the Night Cycle really began (6:00 PM in 1974), I began my second novel which I called: "Conversations On A Dying Age". It was anti-everything; my philosophical statement about the corruption of everything. Of course, I now see that 1956 was the First Day, and 1974 was the Seveth Day -- Judgment Day -- and my judgment of the world in my novel was the appropriate condemnation of the corrupt world -- at the end of the world.


    Ok. I condemned everything, and destroyed everything. Now what? The world was destroyed, rendered to zero. Then I began to experience the strange Night-Cycle reality, as the world became much more dream-like. First there was hell, in my novel also. My protagonist fell into Hell, and confronted demons and fears and horrible insane creatures, prts of myself I hated mostly. The demons were fashioned by shadows especially powerful to me.


    The moral I got from these demons was that 'you had to learn to let go'. The more I clung to my possessions -- why ideas of who I was were also possessions -- the more pain and fear I suffered.


    The woman in Wyoming had broke my heart. Then my father died in 1979, a father I dearly loved. I have never been hurt as bad as this, two punches. I had to let go. Easy to say; hard to do.


    My novel became my ark. My hero went deeper into hell, and then, right next to hell, suddenly, heaven opened up. Heaven and hell were very close to one another.


    In terms of ideas, like the Sun, I traveled from the West to the East (I think of Osiris in his boat in the Underworld). I embraced Eastern philosophy, especially through Helena Blavatsky, a Russian mystic who came to America at the turn of the century, with her Secret Doctrine proclaiming that Science and Religion were the same story told in different languages, two realities that seemed to be opposed, but which, in fact, were like the photograph and the photograhic negative -- reflections of each other. When one married Religion and Science, a child was born: Philosophy (I call this Poetic Philosophy), not mental rationality alone, but a rationality of the heart. My failed love affair had given me much, in fact: it had (she had) opened my heart. I wanted to be a poet, and she had ripped open my heart so that I could become a better poet. All the great poets were believers in God -- but not the dry rational God celebrated in fundamental doctrine -- a Male and Female God, the totality.


    I say this was a miraculous time. I was working part-time and writing and had no money. I had spent money on Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled and did not think I could afford to buy her 2-volume masterpiece. I saw it at the bookstore for $28.00. I said no -- I'll wait. Walking home, about 30 feet from my apartment, I found an envelope lying on the sidewalk, no one around, with exactly $28.00 in the envelope. This is a true story.


    The Night-Cycle is dark but it is also filled with light: heall and heaven side by side.


    My point about my novel: I destroyed the West in my mind, through my ideas -- but then I also needed to recreate a better model. Death was part of the Cycle; rebirth was the next part.


    Blavatsky helped to provide me with the bridge to rebirth because her religious concepts (from the East) created the bridge that made the process whole.


    In my novel (I worked on this daily from 1977-1984) my hero, Jacob Heimkreiter, (the biblical American Jacob) -- who is also Moses, who actually climbs Mount Sinai in j1978 and returns with a new code of laws to bring back to the Earth, "Truths For a New Day' -- the very idealistic laws connected with the Ba'hai Faith -- sinks into nothinginess and then becomes reconstitute as the New Sun God. And is reborn as Michael the Archangel.


    Almost all of my new religious training comes from my own novels: God teaches me through my books. I'm working on two novels during this Night Cycle, Cross Examination, which is a strange child of Finnegans Wake, in which language literally disintegrates (disinflation stage) into sounds that are similar to the original English but more like Beowulf's Old English in truth -- a pun language, wherein words have multiple meanings -- and become dreams themselves. Also, Two And a Half Loves, which is a documentaiton of my two real love affairs in life, with the married woman in 1977 and with my wife today -- I was married in 1995, 18 years after my first real love affair. My father died in 1979; my mother died 18 years later.


    I am using both of these books to try to piece togehter the patterns of the old relgions and see how they contain my own life. We live in a kind of spider-web matrix -- there are other matrices outside of us, other systems, globes, suns, but we are stuck in our own until we get out.


    I'm doing a lot of work with Gematria, the ancient metaphorical language of connecting words with numbers (each letter of the alphbet is assigned a corresponding number -- simple English, A=1, B=2...) with some astrounding results. I'm attaching an example:


    Death Spiral in Simple English Gematria Yields: 113 -- see
    White Hole above as 331
    Call Me Ishmael in Simple English Gematrai Yields: 113 - the opening sentence of
    Moby Dick
    Apocalypse in Simple English Gematria Yields: 113
    Entropy in Simple English Gematria Yields: 113
    The Beast in Jewish Gematria Yields 311 or 113
    Too Big to Fail in Simple English Gematria Yields: 131 or 113
    Universe in Simple English Gematria Yields: 113
    The D'Ark Ages in Jewish Gematria Yields: 311 or 113 or 131


    I rediscovered religion as the language of my own nature -- with the integration of the dualistic opponents, male and female, rational and imaginative, day and night, light and dark, matter and spirit (anti-matter) MARRIED in myself through the Soul. Art, poetry, music...all is housed in the Soul. You cannot be a real poet without living in the Soul.


    I agree with all you say about the vast majority living lives in the wilderness, using relgion as a club to gain power and wealth -- in truth, power and wealth in this world is a sign of worshiping Saturn (Satan), not the Soul -- the Soul counsels "Learn to let go."


    I wrote a book of poetry in 2010, "The Love That Died" to the woman I loved in 1977. I include it. It's about how my broken heart made me a better poet and person. (Beatrice was the great love of Dante's life -- with which experience I also identified.)




    You are the occult dream: you are my Beatrice!
    You are the one who sacrificed me to the gods of disorder,
    The gods of sound,
    The gods of ecstatic, emphatic aboriginated mediumship.
    And for this I thank you.
    Only, please, don’t do it again.


    The old manor-house in the swamp has its ghosts.
    The poets all gather there.
    Indeed, the poets swap stories of history’s great loves,
    Great lovers,
    And descents into real poetic injustice;
    Muse-Oracles and Muse-Destructions through the mad power of Eros,
    The carpenter and his rose.


    God have mercy; God prepare the ambulance!
    “Who, where is the next Beatrice?” they ask.


    You are the next Beatrice, I respond.
    You are the occult dream: you are my Beatrice!


    I heard someone say:


    “Can you a poet be, as you are now, all academic learning and scrubbed catholic innocence? Not very likely. You write like a schoolboy who has read too much Wordsworth, too much Milton in a single sitting! Your heart is a shallow dish, a sallow fish, that has not seen yet the ocean’s distemper. You have not loved! You have not burned your heart to its quick through the intercession of Luna’s musing princess – and her arbitrary governance! You have not lived! You must be hurt! You must be scorched by Love’s flaming filament, Love’s anarchic tongue; brought to your knees through Luna’s savage and perverse appreciation for her devotion! There is no depth in you, poor lad! You are all sound of madness, fury, mediocre logic and surface rebellion! Romantic insistence on the brave new world of a lad’s precise imaginings, born of literature and naïve reconstitution of the poles. I will send someone to cure you. I will send a vision to you, a pure vision of God’s pale embodiment. She will dance; she will sing; she will become a flower for you, an opening sesame seed, a veneration of Love’s watery principles, inclusive of monsters. She will be for you Venus’ glad mouth, fondling hand, orange breath, alabaster neck, watermelon nativity. She will dance at Swan’s Lake for you. She will make canaries cry, make tulips flame up and part, make new suns be born, all in your presence, all as proof to you of her divinity. You will kiss her once; then again. You will devote your life to her worship. You will long for death with her, for her sake. You will wish to kill her. You will wish to possess her. You will gladly go mad for her: kiss her, miss her, devour her, empower her. You will take her hand and bless it. You will proffer her a ring of gold, beg her to wed you, entreat her to bear your children for you. But she will turn away. She is taken. The Moon, after all, does not marry the falling Sun-God; for she cannot remain where the Sun cannot reside. She cannot come down from her Moon-Castle to be with the fallen memory of her secondary allegiance. Her honor will not allow it. Her husband would be unseated by this. And prosperity for the world might die because of such unalloyed vice.


    Beatrice gives you genius to touch, genius through suffering, genius through pain. You say you wish to be a poet: then you must suffer. You must go deeper and deeper into pain. You must have a wound. For a shallow verse-maker is God’s greatest abomination. If you would speak of God’s creation, God’s utter and first and final genius, through the majesty of the Word, then be prepared for sorrow, be prepared for injustice, be prepared for disappointment. You will be cast into Love’s furnace. And, when you emerge, from the last fruit you will be made the first seed and stem and root. Fire will re-make you. Happiness is part of the tale. Yet even the tale of joy is better told by he who masters Dagon’s epitome, by he who gains from the Dragon his metre and his lexicon of Night’s deep Wisdom, beneath the surface light of epitomes scattered star-like by a virgin hand. You must pay dearly for such sustenance and guidance.


    I will send you Leslie Rhoades. She will be your Beatrice. But be careful what you wish for. She is fire, joy, pleasure, sweetness, poison and volatile nitroglycerine in a jar. She is dangerous to you, as you are dangerous to her. ‘Don’t play with me’ – isn’t that what the song says? She is fire to you; and you are fire to her also. And she will not fully realize this until you are gone and she is left managing the smoke, memorizing its thinning shape, on a solitary moor, weeping and wondering where the true sacrament went, why the flame vanished so resolutely and with such violent remorselessness…”


    Love deeply, love bitterly, love blindly, love graciously, love generously, love greedily, love provocatively and love earnestly, eternally…
    When I take her away from you, your life ends and my life through you begins.”


    26 March 2010


    I think art (writing and painting) are for me vital avenues to keep my own conversation with God alive and refreshing.


    We are all born with God inside of us -- the small voice, who is our best friend in childhood -- our imagination, our genius, our daimon, our guardian angel. As we grow up we are told to reject the imagination because it is childish and not part of the 'real world'. The practical world. Most people give up their imaginations, thinking it is not necessary. But the imagination is the water of life. Life, without imagination, becomes dry, arid, suffocating, a desert.


    I think it's just about time for the left in the political spectrum to claim religion back from the right. Jesus is the leader of the spiritual left wing. I'm not sure how the right-wing claimed him -- they really love St. Paul (and they hate Jesus, Jesus is a loser, laxy, a bum, a dreamer, not an entrepreneur, not a producer, all the things that the right-wing hates, really). If the left-wing reclaims Jesus, and Jesus points out to the right wing that they are really worshipping Satan (Saturn), who, in the wilderness, promised Jesus power and wealth and sensual pleasure and control of the earth is he just joined Satan's side -- that the right-wing is really on Satan's or Saturn's side -- that Pragmatism is the reason angels fall -- then they will ose their power.


    It's a paradox -- the darker it gets on the outside, the brighter it will get on the inside.


    I will also mention that in about 1983 I became a born again Christian (the Sun came back through the West). In fact, I had a very Book of Revelation experience in 1983, with a Dark Dragon from the woods, a gigantic burnout who came to Eugene and told me he was going to kill me -- and I was at the time friends with a pregnant woman from Israel -- and we actually all lived through a dream of the Book of Revelation.


    I came back to life as a born-again neocon on a crusade against the Dark Force that had tried to kill me. This all has cosmic principles underlying it. But I will stop here. Just to say: rebirth in 2019 will be fraught with dangers of the energy of the next stage of the crusade.


    It is madness, yes. Life is madness, punctuated by periods of relative sanity. Although what is more insane than destroying the global economy for the MORE MORE MORE of greed that inflated the Day-Cycle reason and then watche dit pop?


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  • flash9
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    Mankind is metaphorically about 18 years. Not quite mature but late in adolescence. I would say that is the beginning of summer. All these different forces you allude to are breaking down to form a new higher world organization - building a Golden Civilization of the World over the coming centuries. If the US, China, and Russia would just cooperate together for world peace, it would be here. 36 thousand people were killed in auto accidents in the US last year. 50 thousand were killed in all the world's wars last year. Either preventing Israel from attacking Iran or defusing the chaos after the attack will be a big step at stopping WW. What will be left after that?
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  • Michael Clark
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    Author’s reply » It seems to me that World War III started in 2001. Well, I should stop and backtrack a bit. In 1983 Israel attacked Lebanon and that was the beginning of our Day-Cycle of Western Civilization expansion, 1983-2001.


    The piror Day Cycle began in 1947, the year of the founding of Israel.


    I have a sense that Israel, as a nation, is very much bound up in our history of this crusade we are currently on, in terms of our struggle with international Islam. That's the North-South dualism we are living through, which is more long-lasting and deadly than the humanistic struggle, East and West. The North-South dualism is the war between the gods and the demons. The East-West dualism is the war between the two men, communist and capitalist.


    I agree that Israel is a place to be watching.
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