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Need Advise On Option Trading

|Includes:AAL, F, Micron Technology Inc. (MU)

Given that seeking alpha as been a wonderful site to learn the skills of trading, I am writing this post to ask a question to this forum. Insights provided will be much appreciated.

I currently hold JAN 2014 call options of MU, AAL and F and all of these have either reached their SP or very close. I have made +ve returns on all of these picks and feel strongly that they will continue to trade higher than the SP till expiry. I wanted to u/stand what should be the position that I should take given the current situation.

1. Should I continue to hold these position till expiry and sell them in the open market or

2. Should I sell them before expiry and book the profits.

I obviously don't have the funds to take positions so is there an option to trade them immediately in the market and just book the profits. Please advise..



Disclosure: I am long MU, AAL, F.

Stocks: MU, AAL, F