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Low Income And Lack Of Financial Security Taking Toll On Families

Research from the Scottish Widows think tank, Centre for the Modern Family reveals that the economic resilience of UK families has fallen in the last 12 months.

* The amount of people who feel that they cope badly with life's challenges and crises has risen from nearly one in six (14%) in 2012 to almost a quarter (23%) of the UK population in 2013, showing that the population's resilience has taken a hit amid rising inflation, falling wages and welfare reforms in the past year;

* There has also been a marked fall in confidence among families in their ability to plan for the future. Nearly a third (32%) of people now feel unable to plan or be in control of their family's financial situation, compared to 26% in 2011;

* Over a third of Britons (35%) say that their family's quality of life has worsened in the past year and 13% of people describe their family's lifestyle as either "poor" or "very poor" at present - slightly up on the 12% who said this last year;

* While job and financial security has improved for families in the past year, hard-pressed Britons are now finding their quality of life is being most impacted by low income (46% of people say this is currently having the most negative effect on their family's quality of life, compared to 40% of people who said this 12 months ago).

Richard Jones of Scottish Widows, who is also a Centre for the Modern Family panelist, said: "The past 12 months have been challenging and uncertain for families. We know from recent research that nearly a third of the population isn't currently saving anything, and of those who are managing to put something aside, 14% feel that their savings pot would last less than a month if they were unable to work.

"While we are urging families to try to put more money aside each month and save for rainy days and tough times, we understand that doing this can be difficult in these challenging economic times. Our resilience as a nation is built on households, as well as business and economic growth, and we must ensure that we are creating the right environment for families in the UK to prosper and prepare for the future."