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Which Is A Better Investment In 2013? Gold Or Real Estate

Are you having difficulty in deciding whether to invest in gold or real estate in the year 2013? Well you are not alone and currently many are facing the similar kinds of trouble in determining which kind of investment will be more profitable, gold or housing market. Now before jumping into a conclusion and making an abrupt decision on whether to invest in gold or buy housing property you must acquire an in-depth knowledge about how gold and real estate investment will turn out in 2013 and which one will be more profitable to pursue.

As per leading investment guru Michael Lombardi, you can never go wrong with gold investment as gold is always high in demand. Commodities that don't have much substitutes and whose demand is significantly high in comparison to other goods are highly favorable for investment and can earn you decent profits. Gold is one of such rare items available which has a high demand among consumers with no alternatives available. Gold has been used as a currency for centuries and its usage as a store of value dates back in 3000 BC.

Currently government is printing money like newspapers and if the rate of money production inclines further than it will trigger some severe inflation in the future which will significantly affect the price of gold and it will increase further. Therefore since prices of gold will supposedly increase in the coming days buying gold is perhaps the best way to ensure the successful growth of your wealth. However since the only way you can make money with gold investment is when the value of gold inclines in the future, buying gold limits your potential to earn instant returns from your investment and you have to wait for a while before you could make money from the gold you bought.

If you wish to earn instant returns from your investment than you must opt for real estate investment. The real estate market is a hot topic of discussion lately because of its recent growth and development after a long declining phase. Since October 2012, both prices and sales of real estate property have inclined notably and if the current prosperity of the US economy remains unchanged than the present growth will continue for the rest of 2013 as well.

Additionally, mortgages for buying property is now available at much lower rates making it possible for many investors to borrow money and invest in the housing sector without much hassles. Many factors are presently working in favor of real estate which makes property a better option for investment in 2013 compared to gold. Real estate properties are presently available at lower prices because of the continued housing market decline for the past few years. Hence 2013 is highly favorable for real estate investment and you can invest in the growing housing market now by buying properties that are low in price and later become owners of highly valued properties.

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