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Who Invests Better: Young Bucks Or Old Dogs?

Much can be found online and otherwise exalting the importance of starting retirement investing at a young age. But often people don't find the importance, motivation, or patience it takes until much later to start their investing journey.

Enter in real estate, quite possibly the sexiest avenue to invest, with the smallest barriers of entry for the types of returns it can produce. The income and potential earnings can produce a white collar nest egg for a blue color worker.

Add the appeal of finding good deals, negotiating, and fixing up your own assets. Thanks to the likes of larger than life personalities with network television sponsorship, flipping for huge profits continues to attract ambitious and venturing souls.

When it comes down to making an honest go of it, though, who makes a better investor…young ambitious go-getters or been-around-the-block old timers?

Let's compare the two sides and see what your thoughts are as well:

Young Bucks:

+ Time is on their side. The earlier you get started, the better. Plus, you can learn from the Old Dogs in the field what NOT to do, and cut out a lot of the learning curve if you connect with the right mentors.
+ Not afraid to hustle. Late nights, early mornings and plenty of energy drinks are the usual agenda for college students and recent grads. With little expenses, the drive, energy, and desire to succeed, new blood has the advantage of spending the resources they do have towards investing: their own time and efforts.
+ Less fear, less to lose: It's easier to take chances when you're failures and wins are tied to your own credit and accounts. Plus, no real career may be established yet, so leaving a comfortable position with benefits and tenor won't be an issue.