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Next line of crash.

This crash will start with the crash of of the not-so-great Great British Pound. It should start by July 15th and might last till September end. It will be fast and panicky.

UK government will be in shambles this time. UK will realize that, it is not the financial sector which can get prosperity for the nation. It is agriculture and manufacturing which gets you prosperity. UK will be in a similar state as Russia was in 1998.

All commodities, equities and real estate should touch new lows. USD rises and so does US treasuries. But remember that if UK actually defaults on its bonds, UK equities will rise a lot more.

This will be the final compression period across all asset classes. We might see some more banks going under, but that should not be a cause of worry, they have just become too big to survive, and always the fittest will survive. Even, some countries might opt out of Euro, especially Germany and France, this will create problems for some other not-so-productive nations.

From October, good times will be coming for assets, so exit bonds, debt, cash.