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BioTime (BTX) reports on 5 GMP-Compliant Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines

Complete sequencing of DNA shows normality of the cells and their suitability for clinical use

BTX’s CEO, Michael D. West, Ph.D., will present at the Jefferies 2011 on the 1st complete sequencing of the DNA of 5 human embryonic stem cell lines, demonstrating their normality and suitability for human therapeutic product development.

The Bottom Line: the complete genome sequence of the cells in their GMP Master Cell Bank is critically important given the high mutation rates seen in some induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells recently reported in the scientific literature. BTX plans to publish complete details on the sequence analysis of its ESI embryonic stem cell lines and make publicly available the sequence variance files as soon as possible to aid researchers in the development of medical products with these cells.