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Bitcoin Stock Plays

This list was compiled mainly for my own amusement, no complicated financial analysis is included.

OTC stocks:

1) ELRA To my knowledge this is the first case in history when a company have inserted the word bitcoin into it's press release. It looks that the Pump is currently in the Dump phase, so this play is probably done.

2) NXTD Low floater currently flying under radar.

Upcoming release of wocket taps into ramping demand for digital wallets and curencies.

3) MYRY This company has issued a rather ridiculous PR

"bitcoin,litecoin,medical marijuana, hot sector, bla-bla-bla" but it worked too!


Nyse listed stocks:

1) AMD the notorious bitcoin play. sorry, no comment here.


NASDAQ listed stocks:

1) ETAK was featured on SA.

2) OTIV was picked up by The Notable Calls in his twitter. The possible implications of Copni wave product is the main reasoning here. I am not actually sure whether or not this may be regarded as the pure bitcoin stock play but the stock has been flagging nicely since then.

3) WPCS was the bizarre surprise play I was happy enough to frontload. Kudos to Small-Cap Momentum Advisors for the hint.

It definetely deserves a few words to add, cause the recent WPCS PR reads as perhaps the most elaborative of them all.

It seems rather odd to me that it makes no mention of Litecon at all. Primecoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin (Litecoin's fork), Mincoin, Solidcoin, Decoin, Worldcoin and copperlark are listed however as the main Bitcoin competitors. For some mysterious reason Litecoin fails to win a sympathy of the developers of the sophisticated program products. I mean that the famous Japanese cryptoexchange Mtgox never added litecoin to its trading engine even despite the fact that it commands the second market capitalization among all cryptos.And here again the story with litecoin's strange neglect repeats itself.

One may even find the bear case for litecon so perhaps the long term pessimism is not completely unfounded here.



it seems that SCFR is the newest cryptocurrency play.