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Jobless Recovery or Cover-Up???

|Includes:AAPL, FCX, General Electric Company (GE), X, XOM

Industries are seeing signs of recovery? Which ones??

Is the credit crisis over? Was it due to loss of credit or inability to pay?

Is there less unemployed people this week compared to last week, I missed the job growth?

Did everyone that was overextended start paying?

All the empty retail space I noticed as I was moving about the neighborhood this weekend is a good thing?

If the commercial reits can't collect rent due to the high vacancies will this aide the recovery?
Aside from wireless electronic delivery of media and communications,  where is the growth?

How do these industries drive job growth and ecomic for the working class?

If the money on the sidelines is coming back into the market why has trading been so light?

If there are signs the consumer has begun to shop where's the revenue growth?

If the prices of commodities and oil is on the rise how will this increase economic activity?

If the consumer is paying more for less goods where will the job growth come from?

Increase in price reduces demand, doesn't it?

If the market rise is not based upon fundamentals what is it based upon?

No matter, DOW 10,000 - here we come.

See you at the party on CNBC.... Look for the silly hats.... Thanks Joe K

Stocks: GE, XOM, X, FCX, AAPL