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S.P. mini's: Closing comments


Closing Comments:

First off, I made a mistake earlier..

Yesterdays (complex) Running C/T pattern was on the 90 minute,

And today’s (complex) Running C/T was on the 540 minute chart (not 240)

Today’s close up fell quite a bit short of the 540 patterns compression angles, which means the overnight session goes up even higher than my earlier exceptions.

Above 1011.50 opens the door for a parabolic move up to 1060.25.

Above 1011.50 then 1026.75 becomes a key level.

Complex Running C/T’s are dynamic patterns they can also change form,

A break above 1026.75 opens the door to a pattern change.

From a complex running C/T to a Compression Tank.

Big difference, the compression Tank vacuums all compression (parabolic) then when the tank is full it explodes. The explosion is atomic and in trading terms it becomes  a major reversal.