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But we have a clear cut immediate term (3/13 days) on the USO , because we have a CD on the daily

On Sunday I'm sending out some crude futures stuff for the August contract. Buy some puts if you're not already and then buy the dip and take half off on the first move up; I'll have the profits targets sometime next week, doesn't matter it's going to trade sideways tilted bearish.


Aside from being long AAPL I have no other interest in this market, too much RISK and AAPL is the best stock for risk aversion. in the meantime if it's below 91.81 (OAV) then down to 89.45 and this is a reversal level, it can't trade below 89.09 in order to qualify as a reversal.

Buy in here now, well if it's for the long haul; maybe but if so it must hover above 91.61 for a couple of days if not then it consolidates down to 89.39 and 89.39 is clearly a buy level with a loose drag on the reel at 88.88 (stop loss)

This move up on the indices is not organic and I'm on the sidelines, don't have the desire to ride the bronco when oil much smoother.....

In the middle of next week I'll be updated the same 15 different stocks I did 3 weeks ago.

CD: (Compression Detachment)

OAV: (Open apex vector)




It reached the expect up (immediate) price and went two cents above the target and as I had updated last week, it immediately dropped like a dead bird, well I'm still quite satisfied with the move up from 91 (as updated) and now it should spend a week or so consolidating this STRONG rally (as updated) and right now it should cradle until mid or late next week but then again if something happens over the weekend then it steps into an elevator up to 110-111 and from this level it absolutely does nothing but cradle for several weeks between 107


It's heading up to 127/131 and after it breaks out above 111 it reached 127/133 before you can say Jack Robinson; and just stay out of the way if you're not long then get long; For RISK AVERSION it's the best; what comes out the ground I never short, sort of like against mother nature....and when it takes out 126/131 it blows past 147 up to 150/151 and before you can say Jack Robinson, DOW's got a bad nose bleed down to the 1550. Folks could and they have proven that you can manipulated the equities and Crude is just to strong and dangerous to kept the lid on.

Well sooner before later when the top blows off it's up well above 200 up to 250....

Then things get real hairy, you know.....serious intervention; although it's just dust to wind on this one.

I figure about this time the Yen also throws off its yokish intervention, well I never thought they (BOJ) could actually turn the tide, but I was wrong and they got it corralled up and when this stallion jumps the fence it's at 190 in a hard beat; it goes much higher at 190 GOLD reaches 2000/2300 real fast.

I'm sitting in the straddle quite heavy in just about of quality (ETFs) and 3 futures contract; the August and November of 14 and August 15 and July 14 was closed at 2 poiints from the high and 24 hours before the furnace gets lit. (contract termination or take the load)

Disclosure: The author is long AAPL.