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You Down With OTT

|Includes:Otelco, Inc. (OTEL)

Title Reference to Song; O.P.P

On some further perusing, I have come across some others' writing. It seems as though the point in question is whether or not OTT can pay off its debts which are large, but, OTT has a healthy history of paying debts down. This may involve some restructuring of said debt.

Thought it lost its major customer, it gained another customer, namely a school system aka "the state".

Perhaps if it can leverage this niche(state telecom connections) it can grow into a new sort of company, and with its opportunities to restructure its debt it could be seen as a semi attractive take over target, especially if it further develops its kind of intellectual capital/know how in the state telecom systems market. Since we all know the incumbent tends to win in elections and state contract bids, it would seem as though it could be stable.

If bought prior to restructuring, it could lend the buyer, some brand recognition if he were to take responsibility for said restructuring(falsely but none the less).

I don't know if anyone would want to buy OTT given its debt, but it could be an attractive target post-bankruptcy(which might not be good for current debt/equity holders).

Either way, hopefully it will manage to overcome its debt problems, its got a nice bedrock contract with a state entity to help it do so, but has a supposedly 49% chance of bankruptcy.

Either way, the dividend is probably off for a little while, but I'd rather be helping out in a thoroughbreds stables as he's nursed back to health, as opposed to betting on him when he's much healthier and winning races, due to obvious price reasons.

Either way, who can say.

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