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The Riders Of OTT's Triumphal Return.

|Includes:Otelco, Inc. (OTEL)

Perhaps, sometime around 9:30 this morning a cacophony similar to that heard in this video,( ) echoed throughout the busy halls of Wallstreet, and the worlds financial markets, signaling one thing. These raucous notes undoubtedly signified the triumphal return of our beleaguered friend, OTT.


Though its not immediately apparent why, this morning OTT's price shot up about 30% up from about 1.2-1.3 to about 1.7$ or so. Why, who can say. Perhaps someone knows. But one thing that's for sure, is that OTT, made the move that perhaps some of us had been hoping for, or looking for, which was a move into a price/value range somewhat similar to what it used to possess at around 2.00 per share. Anyway, OTT has seemingly fallen off the radar for a little while, with not as many analysts even giving it a rating etc. so, perhaps its nice to see the little guy coming back from a period of low price-hibernation.

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