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An Investment Of A Different Stripe.

Continuing the thread on China, today I learned of an interesting phenomenon in China whereby people invest literally in fishing boats. Givin the general lack of investment opportunities in China(which leads to fully privately owned yet empty ghost cities etc.), people are often open to any sort of investment that has a relatively decent yield. Amongst these are high tech(relatively speaking) fishing operations called "Tiger Net Fishing Boats". These boats use an unorthodox but affective method of fishing to catch their quarry. For, though it is illegal in neighboring Japan, which also borders the east China sea where the boats often fish, these Chinese vessels have no qualms about using very bright lights and huge nets to catch fish at night. These vessels interestingly enough use very bright light arrays both on top of an below their ships to attract fish. Once the fish have become schooled around the boat per se, they send out another smaller boat with lights on its underbelly to lure the school into a specific position. Once this has been accomplished they encircle the whole school with a potentially 1000m long net, and then scoop up all the fish found within its nets interior region per se. Supposedly investors with no knowledge of fishing etc have become enamored by this non-real-estate investment opportunity and have hence flooded the East China sea with these types of vessels. In fact more traditional fishermen have presumably almost been completely driven out of the area because of this, and the explosion in the number of these boats has actually lead to the local govt. "banning" further production in them. This of course also somewhat exacerbates relations with neighboring Japan, for if one looks at satellite photos of the region at night, one can almost litterally see a perfect outline of the ocean border between Japan and China in the East China sea, completely illuminated from the Chinese side, with these ships bright lights. The fact that this sort of blatant overfishing obviously decreases the fishing stock in the region, perhaps adds pressure on the Diayu island situation which is supposedly just about 4 or 5 hours sail from the region.


From an alternative investment perspective, this is perhaps truly an alternative beta, and will surely help to diversify any portfolio's risk profile hehe, however, of course there are presumably a whole host of risks involved in investing in fishing boats, which from what I've come to understand may cost around 1milllion$ each.


Either way, its surely perhaps an interesting story, and hopefully it doesn't get added to the CAIA curriculum, because surely a section on the fine art of commercial fishing might start to sort of muddy the curriculums waters per se.


On another note, in regards to the birdflue post of recent yore. It turns out that this bird-flu is different than previous birdflues in that it doesn't make its presence in its avian host apparent immediately. This is perhaps a really fascinating case of virus evolution potentially in that its perhaps fascinating to think that a virus would not only adapt to its host, but also indirectly to human behavior regarding its host. For, perhaps its a rationalization on my part, but it would perhaps be really interesting to think that in a way the virus was sort of countering our preventative culling efforts, by sort of laying more dormant in its bird-host, in order to sort of sneak through our quarantines/defenses per se, sort of like a Trojan Horse per se. It is perhaps always humbling to think, that the intelligence of a single celled organism, could rival that of the "master tactician" of ancient Greece, Odysseus himself.


Of course this sort of genius, is nothing new though, for example one only need research "toxoplasma gondii" to see the incredible ways that a parasite, can intuitively sense what would be dangerous situations, in order to drive its host to certain death but yet further its own life cycle. Interestingly enough, when TG effect people it causes women to be more docile, and men to become more anti-social and prone to violence, interestingly enough, the parasite I guess can tell us much about our own state, indirectly for, it must know of our social nature, and hence how acting in the ways previously mentioned could facilitate our own deaths. Its perhaps also interesting to note, that this parasite, obtained by eating undercooked meat, has societal level effect, leading to increased acceptance of the aforementioned qualities in societies where it is more prevalent, due to presumably human-herd tendencies, aka gestalt building tendencies.


For further reading on suicide inducing parasites one may also study;

the lancet liver fluke, which in short infects ants which allows themselves to be cleverly eaten unwittingly by cows.