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The Upside To The Downside.(NMM)

|Includes:Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NMM)

The stock market has been knee deep in it the past few days, and though of course in the short term this is somewhat depressing, in the longer term it is alright, and kind of a great opportunity.


Though of course its not so pleasant to see one's capital depreciate, it is great to perhaps test one's "hedge" positions. Sure, news of the day, can make a random stock a good hedge against negative volatility, but at the same time, its perhaps fun to see which stocks might be a better bulwark, within a specific profile, should this sort of ebb flow reoccur in the future.


For example, I like higher interest/yield rate securities, and they've all been getting stuffed so I guess this was somewhat to be expected. However, from these ashes of course new seedlings emerge, and one see's new prospects for one's start team per se. Perhaps these sort of under-tow like moments are good in the same way that the minor league world series is good for a major league scout, in that it allows one to have a better understanding of potential new positions in one's portfolio.


For example, a high income earner, that's really been slicing through the fog with its positive gains has been NMM. Navios.... etc. I like Navios, it has had my interest for the past several years due to its high dividend rate, and this performance, of rebuffing the virulent selling, is making it look even better. Sure one could pull some sort of complicated Monte-Carlo test here, to see what "might" happen with NMM given this situation. But perhaps, the observable truth is more valuable than the outcome of 10000000 "trials" or their average.


Either way, I hope other's may find new stock picks too, for surely if anyone has ever lived near/regularly visited a beach etc, they can tell you that the best time to see what the ocean floor really looks like, is after or before some sort of unique tidal event, so surely, this could be a great opportunity, to see the truth that is so often obscured by the sandy waters, or various other factors that shape our daily experiences with the stock market.

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