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Friday Snapshot,

|Includes:Natural Resource Partners LP (NRP)

Well, its that special time of the week or whatever period per se. Its Friday, and perhaps one has some loose change or whatnot per se burning a hole in one's pocket.





If this is the case, then I've done a quick perusal of some favorite high yielders per se, and come across the following; though much of the market is up per se, one high yielder in particular stands out; NRP. NRP has been taking an awful beating per se, as of late, and various sources have it listed as oversold. It isn't a favorite of mine too much, but it is interesting. It supposedly leases resource rights per se, its perhaps a sort of interesting business model per se. Either way, its down for the day around 2% as of this post, and it's been down quite a bit relative to average prices per se for a longer term period per se as can be seen from the following yahoo finance graph of it's price data;

(click to enlarge)Click to enlarge


Either way, if someone's looking for a quick dump off of some cash per se, this might be a decent candidate. However, the phrase "don't try to catch a falling knife" occurs to me, but this knife has fallen pretty far already it seems, and its already slightly rebounding off of intraday lows. Either way, if one is looking for a down and out high yielder for a quick purchase, this looks like a potentially interesting candidate, at least from a quick glance per se.


I hope everyone's investing is going great, NRP or not, and that soon we will all be swimming in returns like the aforementioned cartoon character. If not, surely there's more to life than returns, regardless of scrooge's fantasies per se, and surely NRP is looking a bit rough as of late.


Thanks again for reading.

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