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Friday Fancies; Trees And Robots

|Includes:BRKS, EWO, IRBT, Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc. (PCL), RYN

In another installment of the not-so-long running "Friday fancies" series today we're looking at a few interesting stocks from some interesting sectors and turning back to some old favorites per se.

In sofar as the long running Plum Creek Timber(NYSE:PCL) Rayonier(NYSE:RYN) dynamic situation is concerned it seems as though Rayonier is up on PCL before open today. With the strikingly sort of patterned volatility whereby PCL was down 19 or 20 cents and Rayonier was up 40. Perhaps that means that there is some sort of symmetry at this point, but who knows, it could alude to some sort of grander trading pattern or perhaps that thats just this particular random iteration of the dynamic relationship between these two timber giants per se.

Looking for beaten down sectors is perhaps not an easy task apart from the usual suspects per se as of the open for this Friday. After a little bit of digging though one may come across the recent dip in robotics related stocks as of yesterday. A couple that dipped were IRBT(I Robot) and BRKS(Brooks Automation) this is perhaps due to some sort of overall sector declines yesterday in "industrials" per se, however, I believe these two may have dropped a bit more than the sector in general, and on the other hand, at least 1 of them(NASDAQ:BRKS) has a decent dividend yield of 3%, so I guess there's a bit of a robotics play coupled with a sort of inflation hedge all things remaining the same there if that is interesting to anyone.

Apart from our usual lumbering friends, and robots, it looks like Eastern European related indexes and some hence Austrian ETF's are also down. Whether this would be a "bottom" to said decline is perhaps a sort of unlikely situation given the worsening(as in getting more diffuse and convoluted) situation in the area, however if one wants to keep an eye on a couple of these investment a few decent ones might be for example EWO an eastern European finance and Austrian ETF(NYSEARCA:EWO), or the Poland index for example(Poland once famed amongst Eastern European emerging markets a sort of a "Tiger" per se)which has quite the ticker; DWPLDT.

Hence with the not so bad performance from the stock market yesterday, there perhaps aren't so many great deals per se relative to recent price volatility available but perhaps one can take advantage of the RYN and PCL Rio-Tinto esque volatility along with picking up some robot stocks if that's needed in anyone's portfolio, with some notes of Eastern European confusion as of late thrown into the bunch this might be an interesting "Friday fancy" group pick per se, but hopefully everyone's investments are doing great one way or another.

Without further adieu, the man/duck of the day himself; ye olde Uncle Scrooge