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Friday Fancies; Technology In Left Field, And Flotsam And Jetsam.

As we approach this final day of the trading week per se, there's some interesting trends building up that are making perhaps for some interesting market dynamics in general.


For the first time in while, some bearish stocks are rising, to the backdrop of some other bearish stocks not rising, so perhaps we're seeing some interesting bear role-shuffling, or some overall market dynamic shuffling these days. Most notably to myself, CFD was flat or negative today as usual, while MFV rose slightly, I've noticed that in general bearish moments or bullish moments, these two are sort of correlated per se, so their market divergence(relatively speaking) is strange, maybe the market is taking some bearish plays and investing in them now, as in every-stock can get in on the bullishness per se, but its perhaps interesting to note one way or another. Another interesting stock these days at least from my perspective, is BlackRock Kelso Capital(NASDAQ:BKCC), which has been kind of "reddish" overall as of late, this might have to do with associations relating to Blackrock's housing activities filtering down to various Black-Rock related "projects" per se, or affiliates, but I'm not really sure, it could be something specific per se, and not market based, but its not been doing good per se, as of late in general, so perhaps that's also worthy of note.


Some shipping guys are also a little not so correlated per se, as of this Thursday close. Namely, the three maritime amigos of "stuff"(variety of cargos) transportation namely TNP, NMM, and TNK aren't exactly all correlated this fine Thursday. Namely, while the other two are up .54% and 2.29%, NMM is down a bit .05%, so maybe that guy has got some slight catching up to do per se, or maybe its not really that important, but anyway that a perhaps interesting move per se for that pack as of this Thursday. There's often some sort of discrepancy amongst them, due to dividend related stuff but, despite the Baltic Dry Index based pessimism these days, these guys seem to be doing ok in general, granted they are in some cases quite specialized in their cargos.


Finally the old predictable duo of RYN and PCL are doing the .3-.4 ratio two step as they always do. I wonder sometimes if this is the product of some sort of initial automated trend that was developed and then in a sense became a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way, whereby these marginal moves developed into a sort of trend in and of their own right per se, but whatever the case may be, there's pretty decent amount of institutional ownership of these guys so, any trading is definitely on a sort of marginal/superficial level presumably. Perhaps the trend in general may be related to some sort of cumulative weighting concerning a variety of different indexes/mutual funds, but either way, its pretty cool in my opinion that in such a somewhat dynamic market in general, that one can always sort of count on our old timber buddies, to stoically provide us some sort of trend to hang one's hat on if one will.


Lastly HTGC has been involved in some interesting stuff as of late, but as perhaps one can sort of get a sense of as of late it hasn't exactly been "rocking it" per se. It's perhaps representative in my opinion of one of the two not-so-government-spending related pillars of the modern US economy, namely Tech and Finance(hopefully these sanctions, and using our financial capacity as a weapon doesn't lead to the weakening of this financial sector per se, which one might conclude might happen.)


However, back to HTGC, this stock is ok, its been down for a little bit, its 50/20 simple moving average difference is about a dollar, and once most industries in the long-run per se, start being laggards to the local tech-industry(more-so than they already are), I believe we'll start to see some long-term sustainable growth in smaller tech names becoming more noticeable or robust per se, perhaps in the middle-term per se. So I think HTGC might be a decent buy, especially with its venture-cap-esque activities on occasion, so this might be a tasty Friday Fancy, of course it might take a year or a little less to really get into "pinnacle of strength mode" per se, with the rest of the tech space in general, but who can say.


Perhaps one thing that's perhaps certain, is that Uncle Scrooge has a home in Friday Fancies, for whatever reason, perhaps there is no reason, but either way here's Uncle Scrooge hehe;

More importantly aswell, thanks again for reading, and hopefully everyone and their investments are doing great one way or another.

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