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Friday Fancies; Finding Seashells After The Tide Goes Out.

Perhaps today's "Friday fancies" are to be sought out in somewhat unusual circumstances(long term perspective) given that the S&P seems to have had a wild night in Vegas per se, yesterday, and many stocks seem to be doing great per se.


Dividend darling's are slowly seeing their relative yield decrease, and some otherwise good bets are getting a little pricey per se. As every high tide should eventually lead to a low tide, this may make buying on a day like today somewhat treacherous/precarious in the sort of .1-.5 or at maximum 1.5 year time period(presuming a decrease in the overall price levels per se.)


Apart from that, one does perhaps have some interesting "targets" per se if one wants. Perhaps this is a good opportunity, given the index based(broad) nature of these current price movements to look at stocks whose liquidity/market cap isn't really high enough to get in on the action. Though LAND(Gladstone Land) isn't exactly taking names at this very moment, I'm intrigued by notions of why per se, and I can't help but wonder if "opportunity cost" of not having one's cash in big names per se(to take advantage of rising S&P tide) doesn't have something to do with its price drop. Certainly there are many explanations as to why a stock's price may rise or fall, but I can't help but wonder if there are interesting sort of correlations to liquidity based "opportunity cost" if on will, sort of making its presence felt in the price of said stock, which might ultimately mean that its current price is the result of positive volatility per se chasing as opposed to real "investment impetus" per se, which might make the price somewhat reasonably priced relatively speaking depending on one's perspective per se.


I wouldn't necessarily call this Friday a hunt for "sickly gazelles" per se, but it does seem like stocks that may have some sort of limitation whether it be liquidity, etc. etc. may be good buys on a day like today. Perhaps if one has somewhat of a corner on a specific sector information/knowledge wise per se, it might be a good day to sort of comb through some laggards in that space to find something/investment that has been overlooked by the broader market per se in general( not to cop out on on suggesting investments per se hehe, but it does seem like a day where sector specialized knowledge could be capitalized upon per se, for example if one knows that a specific stock is being unfairly price-punished per se, for a sort of superficial defect or concern per se.) It might also be a good day to look at some of the stocks one might have had questions about in the past, but was warned off per se by a bad "image", that category of investments could be a source of future profits per se in this sort of investment environment perhaps.


This does sort of seem like a chance to sort of comb through the shells left after the tide goes out per se, to see what treasures may have been left behind per se. Presumably companies with some sort of grey cloud hanging over them in one form or another, or with simply structural limitations eg. low liquidity/market cap, may be great acquisitions for that extra cash this Friday or whatnot, for perhaps there are some messages in bottles, or nice mother of pearl slabs/shells per se, resting amongst the detritus per se, that's left after such a seismic/tidal move in the market in general.


Either way, happy investing, I hope everyone's investments are going great, and if there's one thing we can count one, its perhaps that Scrooge would be able to relax even in this sort of investment environment as the photo below may allude to, thanks again for reading, and merry investing.