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Roaming The Range With MPW

|Includes:HCN, HCP, Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

MPW had an interesting day. Today the previous trading range of 10.00-9.70 was tested, and was briefly punctured to the downside, but this was quickly corrected and the stock returned to its 9.70 to 10.00 range.

MPW passed below its 9.7 barrier for the last hour or so of trading, only to give one last heave, and grip the cliff's lip for the last 15 minutes of trading.

Today was somewhat of a ruckus for healthcare Reit's in general. The day started out with a few strong swimmers, including the likes of SBRA, but eventually even it lost steam and gave way to the undertow that pulled down the market in general.

As of right now, 4:28 pm, the only two healthcare Reit's with their head's above water are HCP and HCN. HCP keeping seemingly just the tip of its nose above the water line, with a modest 3 cent gain for the day.

It was a rough day for the markets in general, as is perhaps usually the case when there is a central bank hearing before the congress.

Either way, perhaps all things considered today wasn't that bad of a day for MPW; it stayed within its prescribed range for the most part. It lost 12 cents for the day, and hasn't lost any more value after hours, as I write this at 4:30 pm.

Sbra is also not faring too bad, still staying relatively strong and above 14 dollars, having only lost 10 cents on the day, ending the day with a price of 14.34 dollars.

Stocks: MPW, HCN, HCP