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Up The Hill MPW Goes.

|Includes:Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

Today was a good day for MPW. It kept moving upwards as though yesterdays trading day had never ended.

MPW only dipped below its open price briefly today, dropping 2 cents from 9.73 to 9.71 within the earlier moments of market open today.
From there it was a brief hill climb up to 9.84, and from there it descended to a between 9.7 and 9.8 range that saw it through to the end of the day.

There weren't many positive or negative swings like on previous days, and unlike the past 4 days or so, there was a continuation of a price trend that we saw in the previous days close, which has been about as common as a fertile mule in the past few days of trading.

Its perhaps interesting to note that MPW finished the day up .62%, exactly the same as the S&P 500 today. Similar to the phenomenon we saw two days ago involving SBRA pulling off a similar feat.

Today MPW announced that it had sealed the deal with Ernest Health who it essentially brought underneath its umbrella. This deal was perhaps "priced into the current forecast", but it none the less provided perhaps a little bit of positive momentum to this healthcare Reit.

Sbra finished up as well claiming a gain of 44 cents, placing its growth for the day at 3.4% vs MPW's finish up 6 cents seeing a growth of .62% up to 9.78 to end the day.

The day was good for healthcare Reit's in general, with all but UHT, VTR, and LTC seeing gains for the day. With UHT, and VTR being down no more than 2 cents.

It was a good day for MPW, its stock stayed within its 9.7 to ten dollar range, and perhaps with this new acquisition per se we'll see a new trading range. Either way, if you were in MPW or SBRA your investments appreciated today.

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