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MPW And SBRA Still Leading The Packing In Healthcare Reit Gains.

|Includes:Sabra Healthcare REIT, Inc. (SBRA)

A good day for MPW and SBRA. MPW was in its usual wingman position relative to SBRA. MPW finished the day up 2 cents or .21%. SBRA finished the day up 8 cents or .51 percent.

Other Healthcare Reits that ended the day up include HR and VTR. HR was up 2 cents or .1%, with VTR up 2 cents or .04%.

When I was a younger guy, my friend and I had heard of the rumors that if you put a couple mentos in with some coca cola, that the resulting carbonation release would cause the coca cola bottle to sort of rocket away, or surge like a geyser. One day at about 3 in the morning we decided to put this theory to the test, and out by a little side road in Milton, MA we did just that. Milton is kind of a quaint little town just outside of Boston, and the area is full of quaint little fences of the "picket" style or piled stones etc. On this occasion we were facing a about chest/waist high white picket fence of sturdy construction. We pulled out the mentos and dropped several into a 2 liter of coca-cola. At first nothing seemed to happen, since we had put the cap back on the coke bottle. But within a couple seconds we noticed the carbonation beginning to swell the top of the bottle, and I couldn't remember if it was my friend or I, but either way whoever was holding the bottle threw it against the ground.

This sudden jarring was enough to sort of catalyze the reaction past the inertia representing the caps tight seal on the top of the bottle. Once the top of the bottle had hit the ground, the cap flew off and the bottle sort of bounced and then rocketed, across this small path, and over the fence, and somewhere into a small stand of trees that was behind the road. Before we knew it the coca-cola 2 liter had flown to who knows where, and impressed by this, we went home.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with MPW? Well, the sort of humorous answer to that quesiton would be that when the bottle sort of bounced and "lifted off", the tradjectory of the bottle, from the individual's hands to the point who knows where over the fence traveled a tradjectory very similar to the price change of MPW today.

Apart from that little coincidence, today was a rather normal day for MPW and SBRA, the market was up, and MPW and and SBRA followed.

MPW and SBRA weren't up as high relative to the market in general as they were yesterday, for the DJ was up .55%, and the S&P 500 was up .98%.

Either way, these 4 aformentioned stocks were the uppers for the healthcare Reits sector today, with the rest being bogged down somewhere behind these front runners.

Stocks: SBRA