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Early in the morning

Well, this morning isn't looking bad if you're a "buy on the dip" bullion hoarder or planning a roadtrip in about a week. As of right about now, 5:00 am, both crude and silver are down by a decent amount. Silver had recovered some its recent losses back up to 28$ and change. This however has changed, and it is now back in the 27$ range. Crude aswell has fallen by around a dollar, and is looking to keep gas in the US at around 3.50 or so for basic for a little while.

Futures are looking a little rough this morning aswell, with the S&P down 8.4, the Nasdaq down 20, and the DJ down 73.

These futures have had a tendency to bounce back up before trading as of recently, but perhaps one of the joys of the stock market and of investing is finding out where the truth lies, some time in the not so distant future.