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Unusual Stock Price High Time Is The Right Time, To Get Some More Capital.

|Includes:Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW)

To sing the title of this article with the imagined harmony; find the appropriate line in this song;


I take no responsibility for the debauched shenanigans this may lead to during Yule-tide carols.


Now for the sort of kernel of insight or pattern recognition that lead to the "penning" of this entry.


MPW is soaring to new-old highs, as far as the stocks price is concerned. For a while you could get 1 share of ARR for a bit under 7.00 all of a sudden it leapt up to about 7.45 and walah like magic a new offering of stock from the vaulted coffers of said fine company.


With MPW similarly reaching for the stars(poetic license) is it time for MPW to get while the "gittin is good". Perhaps soon we will see MPW offering up some more stock of its own to take advantage of this new high in stock price.

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Stocks: MPW