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BONDS: Long term

Summary: Bonds are continuing the uptrend for 2 or 3 years more. Top on TBOND calculated as 162.

I want to you take a look at these long term patterns.

TBOND long term

First, there are a lot of triangle continuation patterns, they are highlighted in yellow.
Second, there are 2 areas of bond trading, green and purple. Purple on the lowest
side of the channel, green on the highest. As you see market bounces from one side to another in a long term uptrend. In fact, on the last triangle we can see impulses to the upside, higher highs and lower lows which is bullish. The channel has not been broken so far,   this means, market is headed for the upper line once again.
I don't  think it will be enough to just hit it and start a downtrend, I think market
will trade for a year under that line, this is why i have a wide blue circle at that area.

Why would anyone stay in TBOND ? Well, if everything is falling, dollar is rising, and
you get some interest, it is a profitable trade.

The top is estimated as 162, and the market should stay there for at least a year. So you probably will have a lot of time to put your positions before bonds start collapsing.