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Why Multi Leg Options Strategies Are Probably Not For Beginners

I do understand the more complex two and four legged strategies.

1) they cost closer to 100$ per position and per leg to open and close, rather than 18$, which is a $200 per position in-out, which is a lot of money to spend in an attempt to make 2-5K. The cost exacerbates your losses when you are wrong.
2) the strategy requires that you have a belief that the stock will rise, but not too much, or fall, but not too much, or otherwise are 'collaring' a certain price, hedging, etc
3) i trade so short term if i held the stock and the underlying option i would quickly need to be rid of both
4) the options are more complex to plan and buy, which makes them psychologically harder to (get out when you need/sell when up)
5) rolling the option in time is more expensive and requires more planning and watching unless you just pay the ask price
6) when these positions are not held against a long/short position in the stock, they will often require you to time the stock, the weekly price, and the overall market, without the slop factor of just being able to wait out any position loss, and all in the absence of major catalysts (earnings) which means you have to be careful where you lay them out in time.
7) unless you are writing OOTM calls assuming they will expire, backing a long position with bullish calls, or hedging out a position bought low with OOTM puts that then fall in price later (these are the three simplest one leg strategies)
8)it seems much smarter just to go short or long the stock.
9) also they require 100% cash rather than margin, and when you 'cycle' your margin the options positions gobble all your free cash and sometimes take months to resolve based on the strategy in that situation.