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Thank you. This falls into the category of

"window dressing"
"tax selling" (90% of stocks are held accounts that are not taxed by their holders, like IRA and massive fund accounts but only upon realization/redemption)
"margin pressure"
"value trap"
"they beat/fell on (whatever could possibly explain the fall/rise)"

all of these are 13th hour explanations for something, and they are all ridiculous. Stocks fall because players dump. Sometimes, they dump just to create price (444-438) but that's pretty risky. They fall because shorts increase the float. They fall because the number of buyers in comparison to the number of sellers is dropping. This has been evident in the last week--AAPL didnt even reach resistance 463, its been really weak, pretending to follow the indexs but then facing a bit more selling.

That's a lack of buyers, because people are waiting for two things
1) catalysts
2) a pullback in the SnP which may not happen
3) a shift in the story

But as far as the rest goes, it is just a story. SAMS has a fine phone and after killing its competition for years, AAPL now faces (SHOCK! GASP!) competition. And (SHOCK! GASP!) higher costs after years of profiting off of RnD sunk long ago....OMG.

Really? Its a competitive marketplace.

That's just a story. 1/1/12 vs 1/1/13 AAPL is in a stronger market position because it has full adoption (all carriers now have) and it held any real competition at bay for 2 years after basically destroying palm, rimm, nokia and motorola (and gutpunching garmin, sony, msft, dell, hpq, lxk, comcast, twc, by offering an alternative to their models etc).

That's a pretty good position to be in. If you don't see that, then buy RIMM.

People are loving the name change and the product.