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A Happy New Year Awaits Alcon's Shareholders (ACL NSRGY NVS)

      As I wrote here (, starting on January 1, 2010, Nestle's has the right to sell its 52% share of Alcon to Novartis for 20.5% above the price that ACL has been trading to a maximum of $181.  ACL has been steadily climbing toward the magic number of $150, the price at which the $181 can execute.  Today, ACL blew past that price of $150 on extremely strong volume.  Normally, 603,000 shares of ACL trade.  Today 4.09 million shares changed hands propelling the stock up to $158.10, a 5.57% gain. The company has a 68 million share float.  It would seem that investors are looking at the calendar and realizing that New Year's is fast approaching.

Disclosure: long ACL