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Cellmid Awarded Key European Midkine Antibodies Patent, Covers Cancer And Other Diseases

Cellmid (ASX: CDY) has now been granted a patent for anti-midkine antibodies to prevent and treat cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases granted in Europe.

It is the most important patent family in Cellmid's cancer treatment program, and the second granted patent in global patent family.

Maria Halasz, Cellmid's chief executive officer, commented: "Having patents granted in Europe for our MK antibodies across such a wide array of diseases is a tremendous commercial outcome for Cellmid.

"This patent gives Cellmid very clear exclusive rights to develop MK antibodies un-encumbered by competition."

Cellmid's patent coverage for its therapeutic antibodies now extends across cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis and surgical adhesion.

Cellmid a world leader

Cellmid holds the most significant intellectual property assets related to MK worldwide.

Cellmid's patent portfolio currently includes 78 patents in 20 patent families, which cover use of MK and anti-MK agents for therapeutic purposes in a number of diseases, as well as the use of MK as a diagnostic marker in cancer and other disorders.

The patent application

The application EP07828015.3 (patent '15.3) entitled "Antibody recognising Cdomain of midkine" (expiry 2027).

Patent '15.3 also grants composition of matter claims for MK-specific antibodies, including Cellmid's lead anti-cancer antibody.

The granted claims also cover the use of any such antibody for prevention and treatment of cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, and any disease attributed to cell migration.

Cellmid said in published studies, the MK C-domain has repeatedly been shown to convey most of the disease promoting activities attributed to MK.

Blocking the C-domain therefore represents a powerful potential treatment option in any MK-related disease.


The award of this key European patent is a major milestone, granting Cellmid protection for its most important intellectual property in regards to the use of its lead anti-midkine antibodies to treat cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, and any disease attributed to cell migration.

Notably, it follows studies highlighting the antibodies ability to slow primary tumour growth, reduce cancer spread and slow the formation of new blood vessels in different tumour types, which is a fundamental step in transition of tumors from a benign state to a malignant one.