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Gold And Silver - Fed Taper? Never! Never, Never, Ever.

Saturday 21 September 2013

The proverbial handwriting has been on the wall for quite some time.
Lying Ben Bernocchio just sealed the fate of the already doomed fiat
Federal Reserve Note, aka the "dollar," along with the financial well-
being of most unsuspecting Americans who will be unprepared for what is going to happen, at some point and with certainty. Collapse.

The Fed announcement not to taper was a "surprise" to all mainstream media talking heads[less], who must tow the Party line or join the
growing millions of other Americans out of a job. Without the faux fiat injections into the stock market, it would collapse, as it inevitably will,
anyway. Those in that market should be prepared for the worst for
the worst will happen.

If the Fed were to taper, it would immediately burst the largest
financial bubble ever created by central bankers, all under the aegis
of abetting Western governments. Rather than burst the bubble and
be held accountable, the Fed will keep feeding the financial
tapeworm until the host Western world is utterly consumed.

How many companies are there actually showing earnings? It must be
closer to none than to 100. Yet, the stock market made new all time
highs this past week. With zero percent interest rates, all older savers dependent upon interest returns during their retirement years have
none. They are, and have been getting financially screwed, while
bankers have been handsomely rewarded with huge bonuses. No
outrage, however.

All pension funds are under the same duress. The ultimate victim[s]
is all of America as Ben and the Boyz steal what remaining "wealth" is
available through their fiat Ponzi scheme, in place ever since the
Federal Reserve Act of 23 December 1913.

We are all trapped in this ultimate Weimar-type bubble created by
central bankers using exactly the same banking system in place under
the Weimar Republic. Details are of no consequence because they
have been known for decades and ignored all throughout.

Who are some the beneficiaries of all this future trauma and trouble?

Those who own and personally hold physical gold and silver. No paper
promises, which are ultimately IOUs, and when push comes to shove,
which it surely will, good luck trying to collect on them. If the M F
Global theft does not resonate with any paper holders, then nothing

Do not believe that the Fed will taper. In all likelihood, the Fed will
increase, not taper. When you see that happen, there is no more
cover for all the lies being sold in America. You have to know that
when the ultimate central planner player, Larry Summers, opts out
of the job of his life, it tells you that the replacement for Lying Ben
is being set up to take the fall.

All Western banks are insolvent, all Western governments are
insolvent, and almost all of the Western population remains ignorant.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner has been pushing hard for starting
another war. Who stepped in to stop war in Syria, and most likely
triggering a greater war conflagration? Putin, of so-called "Evil"
Russia, [in the minds of too many Americans unable to think for

It is never about what the government-controlled media wants
Americans to "think."

Why does Obomba want war? To save a few hundred Syrians from
chemical warfare, the same US renown for using Agent Orange in Viet Nam, among chemical use in other wars, as well? It is not about
saving Syrians. It is about preventing Russia from building a natural
gas pipeline through Syria. Once that happens, and it will, the United
States becomes even more irrelevant on the world stage than it
already is.

With a natural gas pipeline, Russia controls the energy Europe needs to stay warm during the cold winters. Why do you think Britain all of a
sudden backed off from backing Obomba from bombing Syria? The
United States has slipped into third world conditions already, as the
country continues to decline. But not to worry Americans, the debt
ceiling will be raised once again as the added debt will eventually
raze the country even more.

The war-like US president was Put-in his place by the rest of the
world, tired of this country starting wars in the Middle East, and tired
of the US exporting its toxic Treasury Bonds to the rest of the world.
No one else want to buy US bonds. Despite Lying Ben testify under
oath in front of [a puppet] Congress that the Fed would not monetize
the US debt, that is exactly what he has been doing. The Fed is the
only buyer left willing to buy US-issued debt.

The Ponzi bubble is bigger than most can imagine.

What Western central planners have been doing is suppressing gold
and silver in order to keep their sorry lives alive. In the process, the destruction of people's financial well-being is unabated. Look at
Greece. Look at Cyprus, Ireland, Spain. India is now under the fiat-
gun and suffering. All of these countries are but symptoms of
unchecked, forced, government-issued fiat debt.

If you want to know why the fundamentals and unprecedented
demand for gold and silver has failed to follow the natural law of supply and demand, it is because both have been unnaturally treated by
central bankers. The metals are anathema to the issuance of paper
fiat, and competition must be eliminated, at all costs.

The world of central bankers is bursting at the seams as more and
more people are unwilling to bow to the pressures of oppressive
governments. This is why the likes of Julian Assange, Edward
Snowden and all other whistleblowers are being tracked down like
animals, to keep the truth from the governed.

From Leonard Cohen's Anthem, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

The greatest antidote to government-issued fiat has always
been gold, and silver to a
lesser extent but becoming as
important a financial safe harbor.

Last week, we wrote about reliance on Fundamentals vs Charts,
[], and it was stated that all the very glowing
fundamental news has not produced the positive results almost all in
the PMs community have been anticipating. The Charts clearly told
the opposite "story." [Computer issues precluded some from having
last week's comments available, so use the link if you missed it.]

The charts speak. [Central planners are too dumb to know charts
shine a light on them].

Gold and silver may ultimately head higher, [and higher and higher],
but for now, charts say not yet. Still NMT, [Needs More Time]. We
will always advocate the continual buying and holding of the physical
metal, [silver, too], for the above opinion should be akin to Paul
Revere's ride through every Middlesex village and farm, alerting
everyone that the British were coming, and the American Revolution
got underway.

"The Central Bankers are here!" Buy gold and silver!

As long as the paper futures market remains "viable," at least until the
COMEX acknowledges there is no more gold and silver available for delivery, as will be the case, we use them as a "looking-glass" for
immediate price determination.

The weekly trend is down. There remains bearish spacing and no
indication of a change in this status. A 50% correction of the last
swing low to swing high is 1297, and price has yet to close under that level. It is just a guide and not an absolute, and it tells us of relative
strength or weakness should it hold or fail to hold.

GC W 21 Sep 13

The chart comments are self-explanatory. Where it says, "Charts do
not lie," you can see a small range bar, [lack of demand ending the
rally], with a poor close, and it occurred at the late May, early June
last swing high, a potential future resistance, as it turned out to be.

A clinical read of the chart would say to be a seller. A PM mentality
and awareness of the fiat failings makes it a harder choice. We are all subject to subjective beliefs which are sometimes at odds with the
reality of what factual information a chart conveys. We were not
sellers, but it goes to show how reliable this source is.

As a then read, three bars ago, intra day activity signaled a buy, prior
to the "No Taper" tale, and price shot up relentlessly for the balance of the day. Next day was a small range bar, not unlike the one at the
end of August, that signaled a sell, and we opted to sell out longs for
that reason. Luck often happens when one is prepared.

Half the position was repurchased at 1352 on Friday, at what looked
like a potential stopping area that was not, and price eventually sold
lower. Unless the position is stopped out for a loss, we will look to
add to it, if market activity so determines.

The Wednesday high volume bar is more likely short-covering, as
opposed to new demand.

GCZ D 21 Sep 13

The weekly gap was erased on the gold chart, but it remains in play
in silver. After the previous week's wide range sell off, last week's
low was relatively minimal, and that could be an indication of buyers
meeting the effort of sellers. Next week's activity will clarify the picture more.

SI W 21 Sep 13

The larger box captures current support/resistance. Buyers have
a slight edge over sellers, but the onus is on buyers to make a
statement, by moving price higher, or sellers will keep what marginal
control they have, for now.

It is not shown on the chart, but we also bought silver futures near
the low, Wednesday, opted to sell half the position, next day.

SIZ D 21 Sep 13