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Silver - Not Ready For Prime Time

Saturday 21 September 2013

There are two distinct advantages derived from reading charts. Theyare all based on factual information, in the form of executed trades,
and they are a short-cut for reading about all the exogenous factors,
[mostly fundamental], that impact the market.

Everyone familiar with or interested in silver knows about the dwindling supplies, the manipulation of the COMEX/LBMA paper markets, the M F
Global disappearing act of accounts that stood ready to take delivery
of [unavailable] silver, the inability to make good on deliveries, etc,
etc, etc. All facts sufficient to drive silver to above all-time highs,
yet price continues to languish in the $18 - $25 range.

We attribute silver's inability to fulfill PM holder expectations because
Western world central bankers will not allow the price to rise. For
years, central bankers have been winning all the battles, but the
ultimate outcome of the war has them doomed. However, it may be
many more months, possibly a few years, before the war is lost. What happens in between will financially ruin paper holders, [contracts,
stocks, fiat currencies, etc.], and reward those smart enough to have
accumulated and personally held the physical metal. See Do You Prefer Fundamental Tale Or Technical Reality?,

The stackers will be rewarded for their insight and patience. The
latter continues to be tested, but at the same time, it offers the
advantage to accumulate more at these likely never-to-be-seen-again prices for the next few generations.

Americans have been "conditioned" to "want it now!" Chinese think in
terms of future outcome[s] and planning accordingly to be in a position to enjoy the benefits of what is almost sure to come. Nothing is ever
guaranteed, just like tomorrow is promised to no one. We get to live in the present tense and conduct our lives as to what will bring
continuity for the next day/week/month/year/decade.

The reasons for buying and accumulating silver are more pressing with
each passing month. No one knows how the central bankers and their compliant governments will "change the rules." As an example, it may
become a "criminal act" to buy or trade in silver. Already, there are
reporting requirements in place that allows the government to track
who is buying. Right, NSA?

Already the CIA has told bankers to get out-of-the-way when agents
raid suspected safety deposit boxes that might contain silver and
gold. Always remember: If you do not hold it, you do not own it." If
anyone is storing PMs in any financial institution, you are at risk of
losing it all.

Get while the getting is good.

Play the financial chess game for desired end results that are not
dependent on the next rally/decline in the faux paper markets. Time is running out to buy and hold. Price does not matter. If price were to
go to $200 the ounce, would you be concerned that you paid $28
instead of $22, not that $22 is currently available. Or, how about if at $200, you missed buying because you did not want to pay $28 or $35,
so you have none/less when price reaches the $200 example?

Better to be smart, not "right."

What are the prospects for silver, according to the charts?

Everyone can have whatever opinion [s]he wants, but facts prevail.
Everyone can have a belief about what the market should do, but
charts tell you what the market is doing, irrespective of opinion or

There is a high degree of logic within the markets, and it is evident
when one suspends opinion/belief and considers only the known facts,
available to everyone at the same time. The market is the most
reliable source of information, and all we need do is read the
developing "story" unfolding.

We break the monthly down into its various phases. You can see each phase has shortened its time element. The current, new phase just getting underway is way under the element of time. Logically, does
the latest developing phase have enough framework to overcome
the largest, just completed peak phase?

Common sense says no. Even we are of the belief and opinion that
silver will ultimately go much higher, but the key word is ultimately.
For the present tense conditions, that is an unrealistic expectation.
From this chart, we know silver is highly unlikely to rally to $100,
$200, or $300. Actually, not even $50. Facts keep our beliefs in
check and context.

From this, it would be futile to expend mental energy promoting the
premature notion that silver will become worth considerably more per
ounce. Right now, it is struggling to maintain between $18 - $25.
That is a fact.

SI M 21 Sep 13

The weekly chart zooms in on the difference between the last peak
phase and the currently just developing new price phase. As
mentioned, trend lines, TLs, are not the most reliable charting tool, but they can be a general guide, and right now, silver is not positioned to
challenge/break the existing TL. The "Market NMT," [Needs More

The reason why we keep referencing opinions/beliefs is because they are subservient to the factual market forces. Right now, the fact[s]
of the market have silver "valued" where it is, rightly or wrongly within
the context of your own belief/opinion. Always remember beliefs and
opinions are expressions of the Ego. Egos are emotionally driven; facts are reality based.

Upon which would you rather rely?

SI W ii Sep 13

Buying and holding the physical metal aside, [the best and most
consistent choice for reasons outside of charts], near-term traders
have some valuable, factual information provided by the market.

Putting price into market segments, we can see support from the first
box, on the left, was broken to the downside, and another lower
trading box formed. Broken support becomes future resistance, and
you can see how price was unable to rally above that established
broken support/now resistance from the first box.

Once price rallied above the resistance of the second box, that now
former resistance becomes new support. strengthened by the same
support from box 1. The resistance of box one, the $25 area, acted
as effective resistance for the third and current box.

We already have a context for market expectation in buying and
holding physical silver. The lower, daily time frame can be used for making short-term buy/sell decisions in the paper market. Yes, it is
blatantly manipulated, but if we have some rules of engagement,
then we need no be concerned about purposeful market manipulation.
We can choose to buy/sell based upon sound trading rules that offer
an edge.

One such rule is buying a known support area, if and only if developed
trading rules determine there is an entry signal, based on past, similar market set-ups. There was one such opportunity on Wednesday,
marked as Buy on the chart. It was prior to the Lying Ben comment
that in line with all previous broken promises, the promise to taper
would also be broken, and there would be none.

Good luck often comes to meet preparation, and we got "lucky" at a
known support. The next day, note how small the price range was.
That is the market giving us factual information that buyers were being matched by sellers who prevented the range from extending higher.
The recommendation was to exit half the position to lock in a great
gain and see what develops on the balance, with a large potential
profit cushion.

Most were waiting for the Fed announcement before deciding what to
do. Established rules said to engage from the long side, which was
prior to the "announcement." If we were wrong, the risk was small. If
the signal were timely, there was an opportunity for profit. One can
never know how much potential profit may result, but in this instance,
it was substantial, given current market conditions.

Charts tell us whatever we want to know about the market, in
whatever context we choose to view it, and even take advantage of
the available information. At the time of the trade decision, everyone else had the exact same chart structure available to them. Many
simply choose not to learn how to use it. They prefer formed opinions
or beliefs
over facts.

SIZ D iii 21 Sep 13