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Gold And Silver - Western World Is Upside Down

Saturday 21 June 2014

In a break from a thematic undertone to link to gold and silver, here are some ramblings that are more underpinnings to the core problems that have left people unfocused and dealing with
symptoms, no matter how they may seemingly appear to be core

What makes sense any more? In the United States, all one hears in
the news is lies, deceit, and propaganda. In the EU, Mario Draghi
"dictates" what is [un]real, backed by a host of unelected, non-
representative NWO bureaucrats. In the UK, do not know if anyone is
really in charge. Regardless, there is no truth being told, in fact, the
truth is actively being hidden and/or suppressed. Governments are
circling the wagons against people. Banks are being protected, at all
costs, literally.

We live in an Alice In Wonderland, circa Orwell's 1984 world.
Everything is upside down, and that includes the price for gold and
silver. In the United States, if you do not like what you hear from
the inept central planners, or if you choose to criticise what you hear,
you run risk of being branded a "terrorist," certainly one who is a
threat to the existing regime.

The leader of the corporate federal government. Barack "Yes We
Can!" Obama, apparently referring to the NWO, is like a Forrest
Gump box of chocolates. When he opens his mouth you can never be sure of what he will say. From CNN, Friday 13 June: "OBAMA SAYS
going to be about 300 or so military "advisors." That was a term LBJ
used when he was sending "troops" to Viet Nam, back in the 1960s.

Western governments are openly pushing the elite's agenda onto a
mostly unsuspecting population, too dumbed down and too compliant to think for themselves. Most people ignorantly believe the NWO
myth of "spreading democracy" [and for the part of the US, it is at
the point of a gun barrel, tank, drone, or, just as worse, a central
bank taking over control of a nation's currency.] A democracy is the
worst form of government, but most people simply believe in a
notion of what democracy means instead of knowing what it is.

We first heard then ex-president George Herbert Walker Bush,
formerly in charge of the CIA, announce that he wanted to see
installed, "A NEW WORLD ORDER!" Emphasis added because he
shouted out that part of his speech in 1990. It was somewhat
shocking to hear a then-previous president openly endorsing the
most insidious of secretive rulers whose interests were totally
against a free United States population.

Interestingly, Putin's past as head of the KGB is often mentioned
to cast aspersions on him as President of Russia, but nothing is
mentioned about Bush being ex-CIA, the US counterpart to the KGB.

For clarity, the corporate federal government serves against the
interests of the people who live within the United States. It is a
huge mistake for anyone to think the federal government is "their
government," for it is not. This is a concept most will find hard to
accept, but the clues are everywhere when one finally chooses to
look for them and then think for themselves.

Biden, another NWO lap dog, openly announced Biden Challenges Air
Force Academy Grads to Shape a "New World Order"
on 30 May
2014. How brazen sycophant-politicians have become in the service
of foreign interests ahead of their own supposed national interests.
Most Americans simply do not get it. It is not an isolated event,
either. Vice President Biden: "The affirmative task we have now, is
uh, is to actually um, create uh, uh, a New World Order…"
back in
late April.

The Council on Foreign Relations is the NWO's primary leader group
in this country, a fact of which even fewer Americans are aware, or
even care. The crass Kardashians are much more well-known, along
with American Idol, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, along with an unending host of similar programs that garner more attention than
how one's own government functions in direct opposition to its

Ignorance and an inattentive population is what allows the NWO to
breed and take total control...Master Parasites, and still winning.
How? By drowning the Western World in fiat debt.

Debt has been growing exponentially, while the ability to repay it has been in an unabated decline. Debts can be refinanced ad infinitum,
and interest rates close to zero. The secret of the elite's is that there
is never enough money to pay off both principal and interest
because only the debt was loaned into existence. From where does
the interest come?

Imagine a world of three people: One has a printing press and
creates $1,000. The other two need to borrow $500 each. The money man lends the money to each for one year and charges 10% interest. At the end of one year, the money man is owed $1,100. With only
$1,000 in existence, from where will the interest come? Just like the
Fed prints all the fiat debt, it never prints the interest to pay it. This
is why debt can never be repaid. Not only do the elites know this, it
has been part of their plan from over 200 years ago.

Another not so minor fact of their not being enough "money" to repay the existing debt is, there is no money. All that exists in circulation is fiat paper debt. As we have said before, debt is not and can never
be money. The only lawful money in the United States is gold
and silver.
This remains true to this day, but since the questionable
passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Federal Reserve has
destroyed all US issued Notes that were specie-backed, and gold and
silver coin no longer circulate.

How did the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 pass, and how did the elites take over control of this nation's money issuance?

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so
let us tie the second
down with the chains of the Constitution so the
second will not become the legalized
version of the first." Thomas Jefferson

As a nation, the people lost their government to the money
changers, and it is now only criminals that are in control, and so
successfully that almost all the people still do not know.

With the NWO/elites, nothing is as it seems, especially what almost
all think is money

""History records that the money changers have used every form of
abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their
control over governments by controlling money and it's issuance."

James Madison

To avoid the debt trap, owning physical gold and silver is the best
way to preserve and even grow purchasing power. Keep on buying
when and as much as possible, even cashing in retirement funds.
Better to pay any tax/penalty for getting out early, for if there is
one thing certain in the not too distant future, the corporate federal
government will confiscate all retirement plans, exchanging them for government bonds that can no longer be sold to foreigners who
refuse to buy them.

It is a choice, at least until the government says otherwise, which it

For the present, gold has stopped declining. Whether this will lead to
a change in trend remains to be seen. It takes time and a lot more
volume effort to change a trend. Last week's close puts gold about in
the middle of its TR, [Trading Range]. In the middle of any TR is
where the level of knowledge it at its lowest, for price can go in
either direction and still not change the trend within the established

While the numbers for potential events that can keep gold in a
sustained rally remain high, none appear to be in play, at the
moment, even with the threat of war in Ukraine, and the US is
pushing Putin hard to provoke him into war, so far to no avail.

GC W 21 Jun 14

What is most reliable in defining the character of any trend is the
retest after a move of any degree. If 1330 is retested next week,
it will be a continuation of recent relative strength. What will be important is HOW the next retest develops, be it from 1330 or last
week's rally high.

If the trend is to turn upward, the next correction should show
smaller ranges down, and volume should decrease, indicating less
selling pressure. A correction should also be less in duration, lasting
3-4 TDs lower, for a relatively stronger trend, to 5 -8 TDs, which
would be more typical in a weaker environment, which is where gold is now. [TD = Trading Days]

By reading how the market develops, it eliminates having to guess in advance...guessing can be expensive. Combined with some rules for
initiating a position can reduce risk, as well.

GC D 21 Jun 14

Silver has been more depressed than gold, but it could turn into a
more important metal to watch if price approaches its resistance orsupport levels ahead of gold. The down trend is far from turning, so
a look at the daily can be more instructive for change.

SI W 21 Jun 14

Silver would have to rally over 22.90 to about equal the last failed
rally which began at the end of January. In fact, that last failed rally
is sufficient reason to not get overly enthused about the current rally. There needs to be some kind of confirming indicator that a trend
change has occurred, and none is apparent, yet.

When the next correction is marked by smaller ranges, without the
larger numbers of down days since the February high, and not last
as long in duration, these will be more reliable signs of change.

SI D 21 Jun 14