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Track Record as of 6/29/11

With all of the negative comments I have been receiving I figure I will address my background a little more. The majority of comments are in regards to my analysis, the analysis which I have developed over a 10 year span. If you disagree with my analysis with a, “He doesn’t understand the industry”. I ask that you pause, for a moment, and think about that statement.

If I don’t understand the industry that means I have a different perspective when I start my research. Analyst need to be able to accept different perspectives. I am still learning and I take the criticisms to heart when I write future articles, but for the record. Since 2001 I have managed an average return of 25% and dodging the market crash of 2008-9. So, I am either incredibly lucky, or maybe my analysis is right for what I am doing.

My goal is not to be a day trader, and my goal is not to make you rich over night. My goal with each article is identifying the safest picks for an investor that could generate a reasonable return in the process. So far, since I began writing 2 weeks ago I have not recommended a single losing stock. In fact my track record on Seeking Alpha thus far is as follows.

So, when it seems, as though, I am ignoring an “industry metric” chances are I am. I am given an allotted space per article and I am writing not only for an educated audience but also for the individual investor who is not an industry expert. If you would like a full evaluation of a company or a merger consequence analysis or maybe an LBO analysis I will be more than happy to write it up, but that is a different venue.

So, as you read through my articles, and think my analysis is wrong in terms of – math or I missed a number when I transferred income statements, balance sheets, and cashflows; do let me know. However, if I missed an industry metric don’t dismiss my article because of it, or assume that I am incompetent because I am ignoring it.