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normal now!

|Includes:BG, PepsiCo Inc. (PEP), SIRI, XIN

To deny the struggle for profit in these past painful years in the equities markets is to deny reality, especially if one is long and trades daily. But I see now that the see-saw of 100-200 point up and then down days show that stocks were growing, albeit together and a little at a time but growing just the same.  Profit was meager if at all and confidence in those heady "up" days began to wither confidence even more as %'s dwindled.
 Only now do we see the "normal" days return and profit rear its lovely head and the promise of more to come is breeding the confidence we need to pick and choose without the fear of the past "up" day disasters. Now normal days-just good old normal up or down days and show us the possibility of normal profit and growth. Sometime a little better and sometime a little worse, but "normal"! That is the reason I have never missed an open or close of these markets in 8 years because normal means we have entered into the realm of picking and choosing a stock or option with the real hope of making a profit and trades will not be marginalized by some unexplainable event such as the "flash crash" ! Joy has returned to my trading win or lose!
  I'm for normal every day!

Disclosure: Siri, Xin, Pep,BG,F,Moly.