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Guide to successful time management


Robin Trehan, B.A. MIB, MBA


Time management has become a hot topic and for a good reason, we as a society are busier than we have ever been.  Family obligations, sporting events and work requirements keep us on the move and our calendars over loaded, but yet we continue to add to it.  It is not long before we are over run and realize there is not enough time for what we truly enjoy.  It is then that time management becomes a priority.


The first and most important step to managing your time knows your priorities.  It is these priorities that will make up the basis of your plan, and will be the focus.  The many activities during the day should be those that will lead to your ultimate goal or objective.  At the beginning of the week make it a point to plan your time.  Be aware of what is necessary to be accomplished and set aside time for the tasks it will take to complete them. 


To help stay on a task, your weekly list should be broken down into a daily to-do list.  Each day focus on what needs to be accomplished that day to meet your main objective.  In addition to your tasks, make it a point to eliminate any time wasters you may discover.  Focusing on the main tasks of the day first thing in the morning will bring the sense of accomplishment that can you through the day.   


While having a plan is essential, allowing for the unexpected is also necessary.  For this reason, it is important to know what your goals are and where you are going.  The minor details of the day should be taken care of as quickly as possible, so t here will be time for what is most important.  If it helps, set aside one hour a day during which you focus on your important tasks, time which you are uninterrupted.  Most importantly, when making a daily list of things to do is to add time for yourself, to do what you enjoy the most whether it is reading a book or going for a walk. 


Knowing where you want to go is the first step in managing your day and your future.  By knowing exactly where you want to be tomorrow, next week or next year you can then focus on the important tasks for each day that will move you closer to that goal.



Robin Trehan, B.A. MIB, MBA is a management guru.