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Matching Employees with Key Strengths- Robin TrehaMatching Employees with Key Strengths- Robin Trehan

In many companies you will find employees who do not enjoy what they are doing or are not good at what they do.  More often than not, this isn’t because these employees are lazy or lacking in intelligence.  Not at all.  Indeed all people have a special talent inside them that they can perform better than others.

Usually this is because the managers of an organization did not take the time to see which employees work best and which departments and help their staff find their individual strengths and talents. When an employee isn’t working out in his or her current position, management’s solution is usually just to simply replace the individual.  This is how great talent can be lost.  Just because an employee is not working out in their current position does not mean they cannot increase your company’s productivity significantly when they are moved to a position that plays more to their strengths and talents.

It has been said that everybody has a talent that they can do better than 10,000 other people.  Think about that.  We all possess some sort of natural ability that we can do better than 10,000 other people.  Imagine that you were able to fill every position in your company with the person who can do that job better than 10,000 other people.  Imagine how strong your company would be!  This could be the difference between a good and a great company.

Stop letting some of your best talent get away from you and also start improving the performance of your company by asking yourself, is this employee in the position that will best cater to their strengths and talents?  What is it that they seem to do better than everything else?  What do they seem to be passionate about?  How can I move this employee that will enable them to increase their productivity?

The benefits to this are countless.  You are increasing the productivity of your firm, the profitability of your firm, and most importantly, you are improving the morale of your firm dramatically which will pay the ultimate dividend in the long term.

Robin Trehan, BA. MIB, MBA