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President Obama is 100% correct with Health Reforms

President Obama is 100% correct with Health Reforms,  a Necessity for Our Country- Robin Trehan


Besides the economic crisis that we’re facing, the people of America are having to deal with another crisis in the health care market. Throughout the 2008 elections, the candidates made lots of promises to fix the economic crisis in America. And one of the goals they promised to reach that would help the economy and quality of living was through a health reform. A lot of politicians don’t want to reform the health care, instead they want to increase competition in the health care market. Although this would help to bring about lower rates all around, it won’t rid all of the problems in the health care industry.


With the health reform, it will lower administrative costs, which would allow Americans to save over $265 billion in a ten year period (prediction made for 2010-2020). There are millions of Americans living without health care right now and its due to strict guidelines associated with getting approved for insurance, coupled with high premium rates. The need for health reformation is a necessity for our country -- it’s a matter of life and death. Thousands of people die and are dying because they can’t get proper treatment without a health insurance plan and those that have a health insurance plan don’t have enough benefits to get the treatments they need.


The benefits that are offered are minimal (doctor check-ups, some prescriptions, etc) and involve a lot of out-of-pocket costs. A lot of the plans also require the insured to pay high deductibles before they even receive coverage for major surgeries and medical treatments. These deductions are usually very high, between $1,000 and $5,000 in deductions before receiving help paying for medical bills. This is quite overwhelming for the common middle class and lower class families. If it weren’t for jobs offering employer health benefits, even more people would be without health insurance (the numbers are stead rising since a lot of people are losing their jobs and health plans connected to their employer).


It is very important for America to come up with a health reform for the people in order to decrease health problems and increase longevity of the people’s lives. This is a very technology-rich country where the health field is very advanced. Why have all of these medical break-throughs when only a select few are able to receive the treatments? It’s not fair and it’s bringing America down.  


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