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PROLOR Biotech Inc. Receives Patent Allowance

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PROLOR Biotech, Inc. (NASDAQ: PBTH) is a biopharmaceutical company which develops better versions of therapeutic proteins. They use the latest innovations in technologies to provide solutions which enable the proteins they have produced to have a long-lasting effect. PROLOR works exclusively with approved proteins, which enables the company to enhance their capabilities.

The market for enhanced therapeutic proteins is growing and already generating sales worth billions of dollars around the world. Most of the proteins produced by PROLOR are developed using CTP technology (which they created) and is patented in their name. Such is the efficacy of their technology that the CTP process can be applied to virtually all proteins. Among the most significant recent developments at the company; PROLOR is working on a human growth hormone.

According to official word, the hormone in question needs a long-lasting version which the company is currently developing. The hormone already has passed through a Phase II clinical trial which means that it is one step closer towards being made available for use. In major news related to the development of the hormone, PROLOR Biotech, Inc. has received a patent allowance for the hormone. This means that the company can apply for having the hormone patented.

A notice of allowance was sent to the company by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Now PROLOR can move ahead with filing an application for the patent. The hormone, known formally as (hGH-CTP) CTP-enhanced human growth hormone, will be covered by the patent. After receiving the patent, PROLOR will have intellectual control over conducting studies related to reducing body fat in humans by using hormone therapy.

An official of the company stated that they are waiting for the patent and will proceed with the Phase III trials for the hormone later this year. This means that hGH-CTP might be ready for use by the end of the year. The company already has an extensive portfolio of patents which covers a wide variety of therapeutic proteins. They are also working on new projects which are geared towards helping people battle diabetes.

As far as the news regarding the hGH-CTP patent is concerned, it means that the company has a great opportunity to build on it. Stock prices are expected to rise once the company actually manages to obtain the patent from the USPTO. Still, clearing clinical Phase II trials pretty much seals the deal as far as the validity and efficacy of the human growth hormone is concerned. Hence, there is little chance that they will face any major obstacles in driving it towards completion and making it available for use.

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