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Indecision In The EU

You got to hand it them, the EU does know how to throw a party, that is if you find chaos, confusion, and downright complexity even Gatsby will get lost at the Gold Coast of Brussels. Does anyone actually take these tax-and-spending socialists seriously...the United Kingdom is strangely confused in the matter as pointed out by a YouGov survey that says basically what everyone wants: You protect our national sovereignty and interests or it's a no go. An overwhelming majority of respondents do state that if Britain's national interests were respect, will consider staying. Why they don't just pack up and leave that modern tower of Babel (the architecture of the Brussels building was supposed to be meant by that) and say adios amigos to the Euro zone. I mean if that's not enough look at the numbers:


Sept -- 1.2833y

Dec -- 1.2839

EURO -- 1.2832


-1.31 change

-3.84 net change

So with lower numbers from the Euro zone on Friday, and sprawling youth unemployment rate and crippling austerity (high taxes with government spending cuts). You got to be insane to stay in the EU any longer especially with the demands of England's finance sector being burdened by Brussels's nannycrats bullying British banks on how much they can pay their own employee bonuses, no wonder British banks are getting slammed for example, Lloyds Banking Group (NYSE:LYG) trading at 3.90-a-share, cheap change!

So won't they make a decision, if only Glenn Gerry Glenross could tell Mr. Cameron if he could. This indecision is causing business leaders nausea, even General Motors (NYSE:GM) 34.68 is already pulling their operations from Europe due to Britain's indecision. Perhaps Mr. Cameron still wants to be invited by his wind turbine friends.

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