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Cramer is a fraud --HGSI

To all of the Cramericans out there beware: Jims Carmer had the nnerve to recommend HGSI at 27.84 tonight on his so-called lightning round. You must remember Jim coming out and saying take the money and run at 19.75 a few short weeks ago. No expalnation no apology I know he made some of my group second guess my work here many bailed the stock went down to 19 but it wasnt long at all Im talking days before she exploded towards 30 Also its painfully apparent to me that Jim speaks out of turn he gets a ton of respect from many because he made it to TV but his comments on HGSi proved to me he did 0 homework on that issue he made no mentio of the then upcoming bliss trail phase 3 no mention of the call prices no mention of the bullish tone from the earnings call no mention of the rumored Glaxo takeover nor what price he just said sell and selling was a huge mistake this was 10 bucks on a 19 dollar stock you don't get much better than that and he blithely said to sell And now the knuckle head has the audacity tgo say buy I own Hgsi and have since since August I listened to trials and earnings calls read everything I could and monitored changes in options volatility I am the one who told you to buy now and now I say hold and buy o dips it is close to value now and if Cramer ever did his own homwork he would know the talk is 30 so buying at 28 is risky even if he might be right by accident. Im glad he stumbled upon one where I did the legwork the show is a fraud and he should downsize if he can't keep up with the work or get better people on his staff because this is very irresponsible.