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BP “Where’s the Cash?”

|Includes:BP p.l.c. (BP)
BP “Where’s the Cash?”
Let’s start with some disclosures: I am not an oil analyst, nor do I follow British Petroleum (NYSE:BP) all that closely and I do have a position in out of the money puts on BP common stock.
Now maybe my position as a generalist enables me to take an unbiased look at BP’s financials, and they look pretty grim. However, my lack of detailed understanding of the company means I could miss something, most importantly 1. A rise in oil prices could dramatically boost BP’s cash flows*, 2. Sales of “hidden assets” (i.e. assets which are valuable but contribute to current EBITDA or cash flows)
Summary and Conclusions:
1.       Company cash flows is tight. For example, they borrowed to pay the 2009 dividend.
2.       Post Spill analysis says company’s free cash flow is very low ($3b or about 30c/share)
a.       This doesn’t support dividend resumptions any time soon
b.       Low free cash flow could mean greater downside risk in the common stock
3.       The CDS and bond markets seem to be much more worried about BP lack of free cash flow
a.       The CDS market is pricing in a 30-50% chance of bankruptcy, where as the equity at $30-ish is NOT, in my opinion.
b.       No wonder banks are asking for 10% coupons on new debt. Most likely they have done a much more detailed, through analysis yet have come to the same conclusions.
4.       No wonder the Company is trying to raise $50b from new bank loans and asset sales. They need the CASH!
Selected BP Financials:
Production                            3.95mmboe/d                                                                     
                                                Up 4% y-y            
Reserves                                18.0 MMboe
Reserve Value                      Using $10/bbl reserve value
assume $40b npv Spill costs
NAV is about $40/share
Finding   Costs                      $4/bbl
Lifting Costs                          $7/bbl
Memo: March Balance Sheet
Cash                                                       $8.5b
Debt                                                       $25.1b
Net Debt                                                $16.6b
Oil Price                                 $70/bbl
Revenues                              $300B
EBITDA                                $35B
CAPEX (net)                        $15B cut from current $19B
Dividends                              no divi’s paid
Cash Taxes                           ($7B)
Cash Interest                        ($2B)
Cash Acquisitions                --- no more acquisitions
Post Spill
Spill Costs                             ($8B) $2b/quarter no cap
EBITDA - CAPEX - Taxes – Interest – Acquisitions - Spill Costs = +$3B
*A $10 Change in the Oil Price Assumption could contribute about $10b in free cash flow
David E. Beard, CFA – Founder & CIO – Winterport Capital – dbeard@winterportcapital

Disclosure: Long BP Puts
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