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Trading system update

|Includes:EWM, EWZ, iShares China Large-Cap ETF (FXI), ILF, PGJ, UUP

Lost 4.79% on IYT. The system is not perfect and looks like it got whipsawed.

It recently bought, FXI, EWH and EWY. They are all up roughly 2.75%

It gave buy signals today on ILF EWZ and PGJ.

It is a system that uses ETFs only, no individual stocks.

10 yr avg  (start date June 5 2000) is 12.59% a yearS&P 500 avg is negative 2.58% a year.

Net gain for system is 233%
Net gain for S&P 500 is - 23.28%

67.80% accuracy.

Here are what the system is long now.

EWM up 61%   Long since April '09
GLD up 38%    Long since December '08
UUP up 3% Went long January '10
EWD up 6.25%
EWY up 2.75%
EWH up 2.75%
FXI up 2.75%

It closed out recently:

ILF for a 42% profit.
EPP for 35% profit
EWZ 45% profit
June 2 closed out EWD 46% profit.
IYT lost 4.79%
EWC for a 34%