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Twelve Potentially Economically Disruptive Technologies- By 2025

|Includes:AAPL,, Inc. (AMZN), DDD, GOOG

The McKinsey Global Institute put forth in their May, 2013 issue, twelve world changing technologies:

1. Mobile Internet- "increasingly inexpensive and capable mobile

computing devices and internet connectivity."

2. Automation of Knowledge Work- "intelligent software systems."

3. The Internet of Things- " Networks of low cost data collection for

for process automation."

4. Cloud Technology- " Hardware and Software over the Internet

or networks, as a service."

5. Advanced Robotics- " Increasing capable robots for automation."

6. Autonomous and Near- " Self driving vehicles"

autonomous vehicles

7. Next -generation genomics " Fast low cost gene sequencing, big data

writing DNA

8. Energy Storage- " Devices or systems to store energy.

9. 3D Printing- " Additive manufacturing techniques

creating printed layers.

10. Advanced materials " Materials designed for better strength

weight, conductivity".

11. Advanced oil and gas- " New exploration and recovery"

12. Renewable Energy- "Electricity from renewable sources"

These 12 areas will be the great growth engines of the next decade. Great wealth will be both created and destroyed along the way. The companies that are successful will simply put the previous generation out of business. Start ups will come along in the right sectors and be bright stars only to go nova and end up as worthless black masses.

However, careful navigation through these pitfalls will provide great wealth to the successful trader. Lend your thoughts , ideas and theory's to this sight. I promise that this site will never be boring. I will also go out on a limb and bet that more articles will be flagged here than any other.

Lets start with a challenge, what are your best ideas in each area? Stock, ETF, analysis, you name it.

To begin, my top three position in 3D printing are DDD, STSS, and ARCAM.


Disclosure: I am long DDD, OTCPK:AMAVF, GOOG, SSYS, YHOO, AAPL.