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OMG! Apple Dumping Google Search for Microsoft Bing?

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According to Business Week Technology, Apple is courting Microsoft’s Bing as a replacement for Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Search on both the iPhone and on Safari! What strange things can happen when phones, sex, and money gets between to brothers. Well, maybe not sex, but definitely smart phones and the huge advertising jackpot that awaits the search victor.

Have you tried Microsoft’s Bing? It’s not bad, it produces Ok results. By the way, they call it a decision engine, not a search engine. I haven’t done an exhaustive study, so I’m no expert to comment either way, it’s very AJAX-ie. But to unseat Google search, you have to be better than slick, better than an equivalent search service, you have to stand out, and compel people to use your search. Let’s face it, when your search engine becomes a verb in the English language the way Google has, that’s a mighty big piece of mindshare to overcome.

Is it Really About Good vs Evil?

Google Corporate Philosophy: Do no evil.


Now for the REALITY CHECK. If you had your mind programmed to think… Apple, Google good, Microsoft Bad. You’re gonna need some reprogramming, and a dose of reality. Sure, we all believe Apple stands for all things good, simple, ethical, and Google can “do no evil,” right? At least that’s what Google claims as their motto, and it’s number “6 of 10″ in their corporate philosophy.

Leaves one scratching their head about their censorship deal with communist China, was it truly a noble deed to enter China, and try to democratize information, and free the minds of 2 billion people? Or was it an opportunity to capitalize on the explosive growth of a growing, and perhaps one day dominant economic superpower? Check your reality meter now, it all comes down to what will make us MO MONEY! Hey, I’m Ok with that, just don’t go around saying you’re trying to save the world.

So, is Apple willing to sleep with the evil empire, in order to burry their new rival, their former brother in solidarity, the guys they broke bread with at the board of directors round table, their once close friend and bowling buddy, Google? Apparently yes, if it means a better deal and more market share.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Apple is selling out. What I’m saying is that all’s fair when it comes to business. It’s all just business, right? No hard feelings, no animosity. Hey, in fact, just to show there’s no hard feelings, let’s go get a drink, wadda you say? Hmmm? You go first, I’m right behind you.

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