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Ericsson see's next year as the major push to 4G LTE

Ericsson's Crystal Ball Foresees Data Surge

Posted Feb 14th 2011 2:30PM by Connie Madon
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We are being bombarded with data from a host of sources, including mobile devices, broadband and cloud computing. Bringing all of this data together will create a new business opportunity.

Ericsson (ERIC), the Swedish network equipment maker, has already foreseen the potential for bringing data together on its fourth generation Long Term Evolution Network (LTE).

The real push for LTEs will come next year. These new networks will have data traffic speeds up to 10 times faster than third generation devices.

What is creating the need for these networks? The key driver is the explosion in mobile data. There is a need to put this somewhere and that somewhere will be on LTEs.

Hans Vestberg, Ericsson's chief executive said the over the next 20 to 30 years we will become a "Network Society." To jump start to process, Ericsson has started a cooperative effort with US-based Akamai Technologies (AKAM). Akamai President, David Kenny, compares cloud computing to the Internet of the 1990s.

Ericsson's stock is trading at $12.59, down 8 cents. Akamai is trading at $41.75, up 32 cents.